11 Things I Learned Organizing SEO Summit 2014

SEO Summit 2014

I was nervous the night before. I walked to and fro my workstation – it was 2am in the morning. I was set to give the opening remarks at around 9am a few hours from then. I wasn’t going to have enough sleep.

I haven’t had a good sleep in weeks.

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What Happened in the SEO Summit 2014

SEO Summit 2014 was the first of its kind here in the Philippines. It’s also the first seminar-type conference I’ve ever organized with the help of JCI Manila and the SEO Hacker team.  It was an awesome time for SEO specialists, small to medium business owners and marketing managers alike.

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My SEO Deck and Presentation on Morcon 2013

If you’ve been wondering where I went since the last post published here in SEO Hacker, I didn’t pack up on a vacation. I was invited to a talk for SEO Organization Philippines’ SEO conference – Morcon 2013. Here’s where I share my slide deck with all of you.

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Seminar: Boosting Relevant Online Traffic

I had the honor of being invited to speak in the Digital Media Marketing seminar today at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Makati. It was a privilege to talk as a guest speaker there about “Boosting Relevant Online Traffic through Search Engine Optimization”.

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