A Simple Guide to Retaining Your Customers

Secrets to Successful Link Building

Customer retention is the ability of the organization/brand to attach its existing customers to a specific goal/action. This could increase the time of the customers staying in touch with the company and be satisfied with the other offerings the brand is willing to provide.

There are several ways to actually retain your existing customers/clients but one that is under-utilized by most companies today is email marketing. [Read more...]

5 Simple Landing Page Optimization Tips

Landing Pages

Eight seconds. That is all the time you have to capture a person’s attention, according to The Associated Press. Busy schedules and non-stop media barrage are quickly taking up your potential customers’ attention. You have just eight seconds to make a solid impression and get them to your next step. In the digital world, this super, most important first impression is called your landing page.
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How Foursquare affects SEO

foursquare logo

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, are among some of the many social media outlets that affect SEO.  However, what many local businesses don’t know is how Foursquare can also aid in their SEO efforts.

This entry is a guest post by Alexis Tate edited by Sean Si

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3 Huge Benefits of having a Blog


As a designer you must treasure three things at most: Credibility, Clients and Cash.

While a lot of methods can be done to help boost these factors such as Media Advertisements, Online Portfolio, Attending Social Gatherings, one of the most effective and inexpensive proven way is to create a blog. Creating a blog not only is efficient in providing you more exposure to a broad range of client by means of the internet, it is also cost-effective since the cost that you are going to pay is more or less $35/year. If done right, you can be getting about at the very least, 100 possible prospects a day. That’s a pretty cheap deal for $35 a year don’t you think?

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