12 Important Lessons I Learned After Losing 101,569 Tweets

HTTPS as an SEO Ranking Factor

It was a major decision that we’ve held off for too long. I was tapping my fingers on my computer table contemplating if the risk was worth it. I was about to lose 101,569 recorded tweets and retweets (accounting for 77% of our entire social shares) on SEO Hacker’s articles. I breathed out a long sigh before finally telling my developer “Let’s do it.”

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A Simple Guide to Retaining Your Customers

Secrets to Successful Link Building

Customer retention is the ability of the organization/brand to attach its existing customers to a specific goal/action. This could increase the time of the customers staying in touch with the company and be satisfied with the other offerings the brand is willing to provide.

There are several ways to actually retain your existing customers/clients but one that is under-utilized by most companies today is email marketing. [Read more…]