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Looking for an SEO Job in the Philippines? SEO Hacker is one of the premier SEO services company in the Philippines – and is looking for young, aspiring SEO specialists to join the team!

If you are:

  • Age 18-25
  • Looking for a Full-Time, In-house Job
  • Lives in Las Pinas, Paranaque, Cavite, Laguna or Alabang area
  • Knows how to work his/her way around the internet
  • Have a knack to write and read blogs, and knows basic HTML – WE WANT YOU!

SEO Hacker Team

About SEO Hacker:

SEO Hacker is all about providing the world with the latest information in the SEO industry. Whether it’s about Google, Facebook, Youtube, you name it – we give out only the best and freshest information from the web to you.

From advices, to tips and tricks, to lessons and tutorials, we are driven in teaching the rising necessity of SEO to the internet-savvy community of the Philippines and the rest of the world.

Read about our company, the people behind the brand, and our history.

Join our group of SEO, Social Media, and Web Development Specialists as we dish out the Best Quality Services to various several businesses around the globe!

We are looking for In-House People who:

  • Knows how to have Lots of Fun
  • Have a high sense of Work Responsibility especially when working from home
  • Has an Obsessive Knack for Formulating Strategies
  • Knows his / her way through Social Media Marketing
  • Are exceptional at working with a Wacky Team
  • Brings in a Positive Element in the Team Chemistry

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Open Spots in our Team

Content Copywriter

copywritingYour Mission: Create powerful, compelling, engaging content

  • Impeccable written and oral English skills
  • Must be able to sell solely due to his/her writing abilities
  • Exceptional research skills
  • Optional: Knows basic SEO copywriting

Software Engineer

softengYour Mission: To properly manage the back-end of SEO Hacker School and join the innovators in its development

  • Mastery of PHP and SQL and Javascripts
  • Sharp analytical skills
  • Ninja Debugging capabilities
  • Addicted to all things code
  • Previous work portfolio

Junior Link Development Specialist

Junior Link Development

  • Perform all Link Development strategies and techniques for clients.
  • Perform blog commenting, forum and guest posting.
  • Research and formulate new strategies for Link Development.
  • Check assigned client/s’ status daily.
  • Develop new strategies and tools for the Link Building Team.
  • Submit Link Development Reports to the Link Development Lead.
  • Communicate with Blog Masters for guest posting.
  • Assign blog topics to writers.
  • Set deadlines for writers’ tasks to be able to forward articles which are subject to revision.

Content Writer

Content Writer

  • Create topics for clients’ blogs.
  • Write and revise assigned topics for Link Development and clients’ blogs.
  • Proofread and revise articles submitted by part time writers.
  • Create a voice behind assigned client/s.
  • Effectively communicate with superiors regarding articles that are to be produced.

We will provide you with the training and equipment you need to grow in your SEO career!
SEO Hacker Team

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