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Google wants faster websites

page speed is a factorIt’s official. Google is incorporating page speed as a factor into it’s page ranking system. Any reason to panic?

Well Matt Cutts seems to be totally calm and cool about all the fuss with page speed becoming a Google page rank factor. He thoroughly explained in his blog about it’s effects and the changes that will happen in it’s implementation.


Do Not Get Cheap with Your SEO

Cheap SEOThere is this notion that SEOs are to be cheap. Well here’s a newsflash for you, NOT ALL SEOs ARE CREATED EQUAL. Most of us are self-taught because there is no direct SEO course that is taught to this day.


Facebook is blurting out your private information

The Social NetworkFacebook has just released it’s new ‘socialization’ features in the form of API’s and widgets to it calls to be it’s “trusted partners”


Google, Yahoo or Bing. Pick your poison

search engine big threeHave you ever tried searching with any of these three? I’m sure you have. These are the most renown search engines around. Which gives the most relevant results?

Right now search engines compete to make themselves better in terms of their results and different functionalities. The more relevant results, the better.


Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management is one of the most in-demand services in the web today. It focuses on fixing scandalized, bogged-down brand, identity, online, and search engine reputation. Ever had a site post negative things about you or your company or brand? Reputation management (also known as ‘Reverse SEO‘) is what you need.