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Category: Blogging

The Best Ways to Accelerate Your Expertise

It’s obvious that this is my favorite topic – how to help newbies get on the right track. The trickiest part, as I’ve noticed, always concern about upgrading and/or improving expertise. Sure, everyone starts from basic. But if your learning rate is pretty steep, you won’t get anywhere great for a long time. So shape […]

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3 Ways to Strike an Impact to Your Readers

The web is a congested cyber jungle. Whenever someone is looking at your blog, the odds are he/she isn’t devoting full attention to you (never have, never will).

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Befriend the Virus of Exclusivity

Before I tell you how to exactly befriend the Virus of Exclusivity, I’m going to tell you what’s it all about in the first place.

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4 Steps to Successful Blog Planning

Think of blogging as a business. In fact, treat it like a business. No matter how little or big you invest in it, the point is to always make it grow for you to get the returns that you rightfully deserve.

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