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Category: Content Strategy


Balancing Technical and Emotional SEO

SEO is a field thought of as something that is mainly electronic or something that exists exclusively on the internet. That is true for the most part as some of the determining factors of success for a website are things like keyword quality, link quality, the speed of your page as well as user experience. […]

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Rumors Of Long-Form Content Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!

  It’s all too easy to ignore long-form content. With services like Twitter and Vine attracting millions of users every day, with GIFs and memes running rampant across the internet, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the art of long-form writing is dying out. I’ve been working as an SEO copywriter for a couple of […]

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SEO Checks: Your 17 Point Pre-Publish Content Checklist

So, you’re about to hit ‘Publish’ on your latest piece of content. Stop! With an increasing pressure to create lengthy, viral, highly-shared content, it’s all too easy to forget a crucial piece of the content puzzle along the way.

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5 Ground Rules for Creating Google Panda Friendly Content

After the release of Panda 4.2 last July 18 (2015), a lot of SEO folks are expecting to see quality websites to finally overrank sites with poor content.

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How to Distribute Content for a Larger Audience

Digital Marketing today is incomplete without effective content marketing. As a business you need content to promote your services like never before. The best part is that many big and midsize businesses are investing a decent amount of money into content marketing.

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How to Conduct a Content Audit for Better User-Experience

Everyday we try to craft content that will be available for everyone to see. We spend time brainstorming, thinking of topics to write, creating compelling content that is worth sharing and we are constantly coming up with ways to amplify it.

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The Anatomy of a Viral Content

We all want to create content that will be read, and shared over and over again. But with millions of content published every day, and the huge amount of information available online, it’s hard to keep up with the competition.

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4 Ways to Create Content for Retail Websites

Your retail website only has a matter of seconds for it to capture interest. Consider the articles you have read, the books you’ve started as well as the speeches you have heard.

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How To Write A Roundup Post That Gets Over 400 Shares

Last year was an epic year for round-up posts. As a blogger of quasi-importance myself, I often receive a few invites every month. And honestly, I enjoy being a part of them.

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How to Increase Your Traffic Through Customer-Targeted Content

How is your blog doing? Does a quick glance at your analytics page make your heart sink? If your site’s traffic numbers aren’t where they need to be, there are plenty of tactics for increasing traffic through blog promotion to improve your page views and conversions, but ultimately the true test will be your blog’s […]

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