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Guest Post Services


Why Guest Posting is the Best Link Building Method


In a time when people depend too much on the internet, getting a higher rank on the results page is truly a big deal. In fact, it is one way of getting more opportunity to make your products or services known to more people.

For instance, when someone is already very hungry, he is most likely to just Google the nearest fast food to place an order hotline. And most probably, he would take the one that appears first on the list. This is the reason why ensuring that your business comes on the top of the list is really important. No matter how good your offerings are, if they are not that visible online, they might not be noticed by your target clients. Given this fact, it is then best to make sure that your site appears on the top of the list of the search engine. Link building is one of the keys in order to do it.

Link building allows your page to contain links that are taken from other sites which basically helps your own site to do well in indexing. It is simply because search engines prioritize the pages which contain more useful and relevant links.

For the past years, websites have taken advantage of how these work when it comes to website popularity. Indeed, it has been around for quite some time now, only that there are some aspects which have already changed in the course of time.

Before, all links had the same values. People certainly took advantage of it and enjoyed positive rankings through referrals they get by linking. They linked their sites to the ones with high quality contents as well as the ones containing information they think their readers would find helpful. However, as this became more popular, irrelevant links came into the picture. Some pages linked to certain sites, who just wanted to have links for the heck of it and getting higher rankings, did not really have anything to do with them in the first place. For instance, there were random games linked to beauty product sites. It made no sense at all. These became more common, resulting to poor search results which yielded inappropriate items.

Search engines were able to discover this soon and came up with a great idea. It began to screen the links and distinguished the legitimate from the irrelevant ones. And to make sure these unrelated links would not appear on the first page of the search results, Search engines devalued them. This certainly gave webmasters a lesson and so they looked for new ways to build links.

As time went by, newer means came out. Now, there are already a number of link building methods and some of them are know as the manipulative ones. These comprise of blog commenting, directory listing, paid advertising, forum posting, creating other blogs, reciprocal linking, and article submission. These manipulative ways of link building are the ones which does not really need interaction with other people, therefore yielding results anytime you want.

However, the danger with these approaches is that they are prone to abuse. Since they do not need human interaction to really work, they can be overused to flood some sites with links that can be tagged as unrelated later one. And of course, when this happens, these links could be penalized resulting in lower ranking.

These are so much different compared to the natural or organic ways of linkbuilding. These include guest posting, linkbaiting, and broken link building. In these methods, however, more work is required since human interaction is necessary in order to show results. But among these methods, the most effective one is said to be guest posting.

In this method, you study the site where you intend to post as a guest first. You get to know what kind of webmaster he is and which things or subject matters his site focuses on. Then, you approach him to ask whether he will allow you to do guest posting. And if he allows you to, then it is time for you to create an article that well suits his taste as well as his blog’s niche.

Therefore, guest posting deals with working on what pleases the webmaster of the other site and qualifying according to the standards he was able to set. This means that whatever you post on his site is something that actually earned his approval.

But apart from this, guest posting allows your site to have good relationship with others. Besides having good backlinks that helps your site to have more value on search engines, guest posts allows you to earn quality connection with other website owners or bloggers and therefore helps you gain credibility. It also introduces you to new communities to which you can introduce your self or your site.

Indeed, guest posting gives you a chance to make connections without getting the risk of being devalued because of irrelevant links. It is also considered as one of the best ways to increase your readership since it improves your site’s networking by letting you connect with more people and even communities. No surprise, it is considered the best link building method by many.

We offer Guest posting services for brands and companies who are looking for the best-quality linkbuilding method in a quantitative basis. First-off, here’s a sneak-peak on our expertise in Guest Posting:

Guest posting is arguably the best, highest-quality linkbuilding method that provides value for the publisher and the author. It’s foundationally relational in nature as you have to build a way to communicate with webmasters who you’d like to publish your piece with.

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The advantage of guest posting over other linkbuilding methods:

  • Control over link placement
  • Freely choose your article’s title
  • Control over the anchor text of each backlink
  • You can make sure to put in an anchor title
  • Beautifully worded paragraphs for rich LSI keywords around your backlink
  • Influence user experience through your suggested images to put in your article
  • Control your guest post’s length
  • Affect your AuthorRank by claiming authorship over your guest post
  • Lots of other stuff!

How do we do it?

    • We do solid, extreme research to achieve a list of target websites and blogs relevant to your business
    • Each website and/or blogsite is checked and measured using certain metrics and quality scoring system
    • We contact each webmaster and establish a mutual, working relationship (this takes time)
    • We collaborate, brainstorm and perform a good amount of research for topic ideas
    • Those ideas will be worked on by our highly-skilled writers

  • We enforce meticulous quality control for each post performed by our editor
  • We follow-up with the webmasters to get each post published


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Usual Guest Posting Methods


Guest posting, despite being the best link building method, still has to be done properly so as to yield really good results. Its step by step processes should be done carefully so as to make sure that things would end up the way you want them to and therefore avoid wasting time and energy.

The following are the usual steps in guest posting.

  1. 1.      Link Prospecting

The first thing that should be done when planning to do guest posting is link prospecting. Here, you look for a site where you can post as a guest. Link prospecting is not easy, though. Although it can be done through the search engine alone, is not as easy as simply keying in the keywords of the topics you would like to work on. In fact, using advanced search queries is the key here.

Advanced search queries, sometimes known as advanced link search is a process of looking for links through the use of search engines. However, doing this involves narrowing down your searches, resulting in more specific results. In order to do this, the use of search operators is necessary. These search operators allows you to find sites that are perfectly fit for your preferences.

  1. 2.     Creating Guest Post Pitches

After finding your target site, creating attention-grabbing topics for guest post pitches would be the next step.

Guest post pitches are very important. It is where you can showcase your bright ideas that you want to inject in your post. It is like a proposal that should really wow your prospective client so he may get interested in working with you.

When creating topics for guest post pitches, you should come up with ideas that he will surely bite. And for you to win his heart, it will surely help if you will study his site first to get some ideas concerning his preferences as well as the standards set in his site. Knowing what he wants and trust would make the decision-making process easy for you!

Also, you can go for multiple ideas to make sure that whatever his mode of thinking would be, there will still be high possibility that he will appreciate your pitch.

  1. 3.     Sending out emails for relationship building

Now that you’re already prepared with guest post pitches the webmaster would surely bite, then it is time to send emails to build relationship. Yes, you got it right! In link building, your goal is not just to build links but also to build connections. After all, these relationships are useful in networking. They could also help you for future references, most especially as your business expands in time.

Just like in real life, building relationship is an effective way of reaching out and earning another person’s trust. And of course, in order to do it, you have to establish your credibility and make a good impression. The best thing to do it, of course, is by sending emails. However, some also prefer doing it simultaneously with interacting with the webmaster through other social media sites like tweeting their posts and even posting substantial comments on their sites of blogs.

  1. 4.     Sending out emails to request for guest post

Having been able to build a connection with the webmaster of your target site and prepared for your guest post pitch, you can now move on to the next step: sending out emails to request for guest post. Here, you have can follow certain templates. But basically, it is comprised of three parts: introduction, ego-boost, and alluring options.

Introduction is where you formally introduce yourself. It is important that the webmaster know who you are first before he could trust you. But of course, if you have already built a relationship with him, then this must be a lot easier.

Ego-boost, on the other hand, is a kind of leverage that would increase your chance of having a reply. Of course, if you are requesting to guest post on somebody else’s site, it is a must that you assure him of some perks he will get by allowing you to do so. Your site’s high rank could be one. You can also tell him about your other accomplishments.

The next one is alluring options. When you present your topics, make it sure that you give him win-win choices. So, those multiple topics you have already prepared previously should come in here. Remember, webmasters are busy people. If you fail to convince him with your first topic, then it could be harder for you to send him another one in another email. This is why it is best to make the most of your chance and give him several choices right at the beginning.

  1. 5.     Writing the guest post

In writing your guest post, quality is certainly something you have to keep in mind. Your article should be encapsulate the bright ideas you just presented in your guest post pitch. Remember, you have to show that the trust the webmaster just bestowed upon you is worth it, after all.

Here, it is also important that you convey your intended message that is why good communication skills also count. Other things like being direct to the point and clear should also matter here.

  1. 6.     Submitting the guest post to the webmaster

If you are already done with your article, then it is already time to send it to the webmaster. But before you do it, make sure that you upload it first with all the photos on your own site. Next, convert it to mere HTML then submit it to the webmaster. You have to make sure that these photos are sourced from your own site for you to acquire more links. And that’s it! You can now submit it to the webmaster.

  1. 7.     Following up on the webmaster for publishing

After you have submitted it to the webmaster, the next thing you could do is wait for it to finally get published. And since webmasters are usually busy, it also helps that you also follow up on him. Yet, in doing this, you have to remain as nice as the usual. Hope for the best; it will surely come.

Guest posting is something that could really be exciting. It does not just allow you to get in touch and build connection with other people and communities, it also teaches you to work with different people. But of course, it is not that easy. This is why having a guide is a good thing until you get used to it.

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