Lesson #1: Introduction to search engines

The most basic part of SEO or Search Engine Optimization Marketing, is of course, the Search Engine itself. It is a must-know. And so we start off our lessons with an introduction to search engines

To be an SEO practitioner, you gotta know the basics…

Of course if you want to optimize your site in the search engines, you gotta know the stuff that makes search work in the internet which are the search engines themselves.

What is a search engine

Everytime you go about in the internet, you most probably go to Google.com once in a while to look for something in the internet don’t you? That specific activity of looking for something is called search. And I assume you already know that. When you type in something in Google.com’s text area, what you’re actually doing is asking Google’s search engine to retrieve the information you just typed in – from their database back out to you.

A search engine is a long series and combination of codes which when activated, goes out and does three main things: Index, retrieve and rank. Those are the three major functions of a search engine – don’t worry, we’ll discuss them in lessons 4 to 6 to give you a more in-depth understanding of how a search engine works.

Nowadays, you don’t necessarily have to submit your website to the search engines, they’ll automatically come looking for you as they crawl the web. Crawling by the way is the term used when a search engine reads the codes of a website. Always keep in mind that ALL websites are made up of codes. What you see is only an end-product of those codes when read by an HTML browser.

When you enter the words you’re looking for in Google.com’s text area and you hit the enter button, what you just did is called a search query. And what Google will do next is look up in it’s database for any related keyword to your query and retreive it for you to display in it’s SERP or Search Engine Results Page.

So that’s it for this lesson. We’ll discuss more about how search engines work in the next lessons.

Next up, we’ll learn more about Search Engine spiders and what they do with the web and your site.


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