Lesson #10: Meta Tags

This has been the common notation that come into people’s minds when they hear the term “SEO”. Whenever I mention SEO to someone who has little idea about SEO, I always get the “Oh those are the meta tags and stuff, right?”

Invisible keywords…

The only place where you can put keywords that will not be visible in your website is in the meta tags section.

The Myth about Meta tags

Meta tags has been debated and speculated on for the longest time. People who have almost no idea about SEO think that SEO is all about meta tags. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Meta tags died quite a long while ago when Google took over. Google totally disregarded meta tags except for the title tag.

If you still don’t know, this are what meta tags look like:

Meta Tags sample

<title>Title Tag</title>

<meta name=”Description” content”This is the meta Description.”/>

<meta name=”Keywords” content”This is the meta Keywords.”/>

You can check a website’s meta tags by checking the source code. Usually you can check a site’s source code with your Firefox browser by pressing ctrl+u and taking a look at the first lines of code. Otherwise, if you’re using other browsers, you can simply right-click on an empty browser space and select View Source.

These are the three most used meta tags. We have the title tag, the meta description and meta keywords. If you’re using WordPress platform, the All-in-one SEO Pack plugin gives you the liberty of adding up customized meta tags to your every post when it’s activated.

Why am I teaching you meta tags when Google totally disregards most of it? Well, you’ll never know if a future search engine finds a use for meta data, right? Look at twitter, they now have hashtags as a method to search through their tweets database.

Sooner or later, someone somewhere might just think of something that puts meta tags to use. If that becomes the case, then the ones without meta data are clearly at a loss. Change happens – and the turnover rate is especially high on technology and the internet.

I have a complete tutorial regarding meta tags – how to use it now and how search engine treats them throughout the indexing, retrieval and ranking process.


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