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Tag: content seo

Making SEO-Friendly Content With Marketing Miner

You might have encountered the line “content is king” in many SEO blogs. Creating and optimizing your content for SEO is a reliable strategy to drive more website traffic. As you do so, you can also have more websites linking to your content as it provides valuable information to their visitors.  However, it’s not as […]

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How Visual Search Impacts the Future of SEO

Search in 2018 has become much more diverse than it was a few years ago, with new features such as voice search adding an entirely new dimension to how people explore search engines for answers to their queries. With AI Assistants like Google Assistant becoming more commonplace, search can now be conducted even without having […]

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The World Above the Fold: How it all affects SEO

Remember that Google update where they said they would give a little de-ranking on sites that have ads above the fold? Well, this is not about that. It’s about what you SHOULD do above the fold to make your rankings go up. Is it part of content marketing? Heck yeah. Here’s how it all affects […]

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Developing a User Centric Content Strategy

Content should exist because there is a target set of audience – people who will read, watch, and/or look at your stuff. Keep in mind that the reason we are making content is not to make ourselves feel good, or to archive and document what our company is about. We make content for people – […]

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