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Tag: google speed

A Look into the Google PageSpeed Insights Tool Update

Page loading speed has become a very important ranking metric. Each second becomes more crucial, as data shows that every additional second means a lesser chance of someone taking a look at what your website has to offer.

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A Look Into the Latest Google Algorithm Update (July 2018)

Google is a search engine that always finds ways to innovate and optimize their services to improve the overall user experience and provide the best search results. This 2018, we have already seen numerous updates, from Google Images removing the ‘View Image’ option to Google launching an algorithm update last March that caused a fluctuation […]

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Why You Should Make The Switch to HTTPS in 2018

With the Google Speed update being rolled out this July, another update sees websites that have not made the switch to HTTPS labeled as “not secure” on Google Chrome browsers. With the latest version of the Chrome browser launching in the same month, this makes switching one of the most urgent tasks that a lot […]

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SEO Hacker 2018 Midyear Roundup

We’re halfway through 2018, and SEO has already made bold steps into shaping the future of the industry. From new algorithm updates, new services, along with new data regulation policies, SEO is truly becoming bigger than it ever was before.

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Why Google Assistant Can Be The Most Intelligent AI Assistant Yet

It is no secret that Google optimizes all of their services on a regular basis, with 2018 being a year that has been introducing another set of updates. Some of these updates include the implementation of infinite scrolling on Google mobile search, removing the “View Image” option, along with the addition of title tags on […]

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6 Effective Mobile SEO Apps for Android

Mobile usage has been on an upward trend for the past few years, with increasingly powerful devices and faster internet being huge factors. This prompted Google to establish a mobile-first agenda that enhances the user experience for people accessing webpages through mobile. This new approach has helped promote the optimization of mobile websites.

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Google Expands AMP into Emails and Ads

We have previously covered some of the latest Google updates this 2018, which includes removing the “View Images” button in Google Images, the upcoming Speed Update, and Google My Business preventing former employees to post negative reviews about their previous company. As usual, these updates aim to improve the user experience and optimize the content […]

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Keep the Pace: Preparing for the Google Speed Update

Loading speed has become an integral part of SEO, being a factor in the overall user experience. It has been proven numerous times that fast loading speeds help users stay longer in a website, ensuring that you have steady traffic and a lower bounce rate. There are a variety of ways to lower loading times, […]

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