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What You Need to Know about Guest Posts in 2020

What You Need to Know about Guest Posts in 2020_Cover Photo

Guest posts are often an essential part of any SEOs link building strategy. Aside from contributing and establishing a connection with other webmasters, it enables us to improve awareness of our brand (depending on the content we write) and naturally gain a link back to our website. Even though guest posting is one of the well-known, quality link building tactics, as the years went by Google started to lay down rules and guidelines regarding proper implementation of guest posts that still hold up to today. So, here’s what you need to know about guest posts this 2020 here!


How Writing About Tool Alternatives Helped Drive More Traffic

How Writing About Tool Alternatives Helped Drive More Traffic

Writing content about SEO and digital marketing can really take you to so many places across the internet, and really makes you stretch your imagination of what you can or can’t do. With the abundance of tools, strategies, and tips going around, there is no one definitive way of doing SEO.



How This Guest Posting Resource Made Link Building Easier


It’s finally 2017 and here we are with out first post of the year so let’s make it a little special. Let’s get started.

Guest posting is one of the most important tools that an SEO practitioner has to be good at. This has been true from the beginning and this is even more true today where everyone is on the internet. The process is generally described to be difficult but fulfilling. From contacting a prospect to actually submitting your guest post, there are a lot of variables but the process is generally unchanged. What if you can make the process shorter or more convenient though? That’s what Guestpost.com is all about.


Guest Blogging: Google’s Next Target?

Guest Post is Dying

Google has been very clear about their feelings regarding unnatural links.  Their recent actions resounded deeply within the SEO community and have inspired a higher level of discourse around things like content, quality and scalability.

In the wake of Penguin, most SEOs have abandoned their efforts with public blog networks, article galleries, link purchases, directory submissions and automated tools.  Most SEO advice now includes concepts like “link earning” and focuses on “content marketing” as the preferred method of acquiring links.  Upon closer evaluation, however, these new buzzwords don’t stand up to scrutiny.


How to Get a Guest Post in a Frugal Industry


If you own your own blog or you’re the SEO that manages and markets one company’s website, you have a big advantage:


But what if you’re a linkbuilder working for an SEO agency with several clients, most of them from different niche markets  – verticals, in the advertising world – with different types of websites, different SEO experiences, different profit goals, and you can’t always reach them whenever you want because they’re busy?


How to Guest Post Effectively on a Blog

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a very powerful linkbuilding technique. Basically in a guest post, you have full control. You can direct the title tag, anchor text of your backlink, number of words, images, author bio, etc. Let me show you where you have to start