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The Complete Guide to the Disavow Tool

disavow tool guide

The Disavow Tool is a popular tool that is used by SEO experts and website owners to protect their website from receiving any penalties from Google or avoid any ranking drops due to unwanted toxic backlinks.

Recently, Google announced that the Disavow Tool is finally being migrated to Google Search Console after being left when Google Search Console legacy tools were migrated last year. They gave the disavow tool a fresh but still simple interface and a few improvements.


How to Prevent Your Website From Getting Attacked by Spammy and Malicious Links and Recover

How to prevent your website from getting attacked by spammy and malicious links and recover

One of the worst things that could happen to any website that you have given a lot of time and effort to optimize is seeing it get attacked by any form of negative SEO. Despite the many advancements in SEO and cybersecurity over the past few years, attacks can still happen in a frequent basis, which leads to numerous issues such as traffic loss, penalties from search engines, and even parts of your website no longer functioning.


Pengiun-monium: What Google’s new algorithm changes means for SEO


If Panda was the new “law of the land,” Penguin is law enforcement. Google’s new algorithm update signals the beginning of the end for spammers, but it also spells trouble for honest webmasters. What Penguin does is try to better enforce the Panda filter by filtering over-optimized websites from its search results. That’s right, penalties aren’t just for blackhat sites anymore.


How does the Google Penguin Update Affects SEO and Negative SEO?

Google Penguin Update

Over Optimization has been hitting websites like bowling pins – the score just keeps piling up. Google has now named this update the ‘Penguin’. I’m not entirely sure as to why. Sounds cute doesn’t it?