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Befriend the Virus of Exclusivity

Before I tell you how to exactly befriend the Virus of Exclusivity, I’m going to tell you what’s it all about in the first place.

Quick Example:

Think of say, online marketing. That’s a pretty congested and competitive niche. Thousands of people flock into it to fight for authority, dominance, and of course profits. But out of those people, only a recognizable few managed to stay on top.

Sure, those marketers maybe, the best, or the brightest, or the smartest guys on the face of the earth, but do you think that alone made them the big fishes in the vast ocean? Think about it.

Because honestly, there will always be brighter, smarter, bolder marketers out there. The only problem is that they’ve been excluded, even before they get the chance to make themselves big.CONTINUE READING

The Newbie’s Guide to Starting an Online Circle


No man is an island- definitely not here in the internet.

If you’ve just set out your journey to online domination (well at least that’s the goal), the very first crucial step to survival is to find others who can help you push farther.

But wait, before you think this is another one of those nonsense tips around building online relationships, I’m promising to you right now that in here is where I’m laying out genuine and proven ways to amass your social circle. Of course legitimate means that is.

Have the Guts to Start the Conversation

Right now, if you’re feeling like a small, miniscule fish in a very, very big pond, well don’t worry- everyone starts right there. The rule of the game is simple- you need to have guts to get the attention of the biggies.

When I started blogging for example, aside from writing and tweaking on my own blog, I didn’t really know what to do. Sure I followed the A-Listers of that time, but for the first few months, I was just there, a newbie blogger lurking around behind counter page views. I didn’t leave any much of a traceable mark. Of course that’s a very big mistake.CONTINUE READING