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Buying Backlinks for SEO in 2020: Should You Still Do It?

Buying backlinks for SEO has been around ever since search engines used links as a ranking factor, especially Google’s PageRank algorithm. Google has always said that they are against buying and selling links for ranking purposes and they have done a better job in identifying links that are bought.

However, buying links is still a common practice.  This is because many say that they have experienced success using this strategy and it is one of the quickest ways to increase their website’s authority. But of course, it comes with risks.


How to Fight Against Spammy Link Building this 2020


Spammy links. We’ve all had them. Some of us experienced them once or twice while some are less fortunate. Some of them are even considered as negative SEO attacks. They’re one of the most annoying and burdensome tasks that we, as SEOs and webmasters, need to avoid AND fix. Ever since the Penguin update, the number of spammy links has been cracked down and websites that had it were heavily penalized by Google. However, 9 years after the Penguin update, it’s easier for us to get lost in the different link building strategies and techniques existing in the market; therefore blurring the lines between what’s a natural, high-quality link from a spammy, potentially dangerous link. Let’s find out.