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Tag: Sean Si


How AntRanks Can Help You With Your SEO

When it comes to link building, one should focus on two of the most important factors: the quantity and quality of the backlinks which were built for your website. Analyzing the quantity of your backlinks is easy – all you need to do is count the links that were built for your site. How about […]

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Balancing Technical and Emotional SEO

SEO is a field thought of as something that is mainly electronic or something that exists exclusively on the internet. That is true for the most part as some of the determining factors of success for a website are things like keyword quality, link quality, the speed of your page as well as user experience. […]

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How to Use Click Bait Titles for SEO

“You’ll never guess why a certain SEO company decided to do…”

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How we Analyzed and Improved our Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency (TF*IDF) in 10 Minutes

Last week, we discussed the importance of TF*IDF to SEO and we learned a few things, which is good. The thing about SEO is that a lot of it is trial and error so we’re going to be taking learning about TF*IDF which means Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency a step further by doing a […]

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TF IDF Cover

Why Understanding Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency (TF*IDF) is Critical for SEO

In SEO, one of the primary focuses that specialists take note of are keywords. Keywords are necessary for websites to rank popularly with search engines such as Google. In order for a website to have a truly effective set of keywords, a study must be made which basically involves researching how frequently people research these […]

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rank better on google

How this Link Indexing tool can help you Rank Better on Google

    Creating backlinks can be a tricky business because it’s all about pursuing both quality and quantity. Link Builders are constantly looking for new ways on how to improve backlinks to improve their website’s ranking. There are different ways to do this ranging from the difficult to the time-consuming. Now, have you ever wondered […]

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SEO Secrets We Don’t Usually Blog About

Yep you read it right. This is the topic of our last year’s SEO Summit 2014. It’s been a year since that time and we’re thoroughly excited to finally be able to make the make the sessions of local SEO superstars Jason Acidre, Benj Arriola and Sean Si – public!

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4 Things You Should Blog About to Gain Client’s Trust

Whenever I browse random websites, I always find myself staying a bit longer on those that have astonishing design. It didn’t surprise me at all to find out that most of them are web design firms. It’s their way of saying they’re the best in designing, subtly urging you to hire them to renovate your […]

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The Most Actionable, No-nonsense SEO Seminar of the Year!

So yeah it’s our first time ever to try and organize an event. I realize it’s pretty costly – monetary and time wise. Things can get pretty out of hand pretty quickly. But this is something that we just can’t pass up! So here are the details and reasons why you should attend the SEO […]

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An SEO Wedding Break

This is probably the first time and the last time we’re going to ever have this. I hope you don’t take this in the wrong way, but I’ll have to take a break. It’s my wedding day tomorrow!

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