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Progress is the Key to SEO

progress_arrow_upLet me tell you a story about how I learned SEO. The first disclaimer is this- I didn’t really intend to learn any of it. See, when you’re fifteen and all your friends care about is to be ‘in’ at school, learning a topic that involves ‘algorithms’ and ‘spiders’ will be the last thing on your mind.

I learned SEO though because I realized that my passion for blogging requires me to do so. I mean, it’s not fun at all blogging without readers right? And when you basically have no online social circle yet, the first thing you rely on is some exposure from search engine traffic.

Welcome to the world of SEO.


Linking Strategy – The Google Alerts SEO Trick

If there’s one thing you should know about search engine optimization, it’s this – backlinks count (a lot!). So every time you complain why your ranking are so low or why you rarely get any search engine traffic, the obvious thing to blame is probably your relatively little backlink count.

More than just the number, the relevance and trustworthy-ness of your backlinks is taken into consideration. One backlink from, say, CNN weighs a thousand times more compares to those from spammy websites.

Taking this into consideration, we know face this problem – how do we really get quality backlinks?CONTINUE READING

Why internet visibility is business success

So this is the powerpoint presentation I made for my talk on July 31, 2010 about SEO in BEST. It is a gathering of small to medium business enterprise owners who’s purposes is to reach out to the social community. I introduced SEO to them and talked with them about what it has to do with their business.

Why Writing for search engines will get you nowhere

People always think that SEO is all about being a suck-up for search engines in order for them to rank you well in the search engine results page. Well it doesn’t work that way. At least not anymore.

Search engines are machines. They’re a set of codes created and piloted by search engineers. In the end, they only follow the logic and reasoning of human beings. And in the end, human beings only consider what is human to be a win.


SEO Talents and How to Identify Yours

The first SEO Hacker TEAM PICThere are different kinds of SEO’s out there with different kinds of methods and specializations. In my opinion, there is not one SEO practitioner who has the exact same methods they use with other SEO practitioners.


Well because we all have different talents and skills – and that’s what we use to grab links. Take me for example – if you still haven’t noticed, my forte is SEO copywriting and delivering quality and informative content through articles that I produce in this website. Now, not all people are good writers and some SEO practitioners out there are doing great in their practice of SEO with their own sets of talents.

So without further ado, here are the list of SEO Talents I’ve gathered so far:


How Google Caffeine works and its effects on SEO

Google Caffeine will affect change in SEOTo all you coffee junkies out there, you’re gonna love Google’s new search engine. Well you’re gonna love it’s name at least. Google Caffeine has been long awaited by SEO practitioners around the world because of the enormous impact it has on modern Web 2.0 search.

It’s not just another engine. It’s The only engine that functions as it does – getting the best, freshest content out on it’s SERPs as you type. It’s main difference, as Google explained in their blog, is with the layer system. Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher information as results for web searches than their last index. According to Google, it is also the largest collection of web content that they have offered thus far.


Search is still the biggest game in town

Ever tried horseback riding when you were younger and your bones could take the rough riding? I bet you have. Horses are a powerful means of transportation way back then. You usually ride one in order to go to a place you want to go.  The biggest horse is not necessarily the fastest but it’s definitely the bad-ass looking one. But just for this article let’s pretend that the biggest horse is also the fastest one. Okay? Okay.