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Tag: Sitemap

Ultimate Sitemap SEO Guide

Technical factors are some of the biggest challenges an SEO can face; especially if they’re not well-versed with handling complex website technologies such as the servers, codes, frameworks, etc. But one such technical factor has been around almost as long as SEO has – Sitemaps. An integral part of making your website more search-friendly and […]

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Sitemap Best Practices to Improve Your SEO

Sitemaps – properly optimized websites have them to since they’re integral to having a proper indexing process for your site. If you have a properly set-up sitemap, it also assists crawlers to better navigate your website thereby giving your site better visibility in the search engines. As simple as it may seem, there are a […]

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Budget Friendly Google Chrome Extensions For Your SEO Needs

A good SEO strategy is even more effective through the use of a diverse selection of tools that get the job well done. We here at SEO Hacker use the best SEO tools available, and the results definitely show. We have extensively covered tools that we use, and this time, we’re going to take a […]

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