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Tag: social media marketing

How Gamification Can Step Up Your Digital Marketing Game

Once upon a time, digital media related to gaming was initially thought of as just a niche, a temporary fad that will fade over the years. Fast forward to today, and gaming is now one of the most profitable forms of media worldwide, with millions of dedicated players contributing to the millions earned each passing […]

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Facebook Updates Ads: What You Need To Know

As Facebook continues to grow in the number of users, along with increased functionality, ads have become an integral part of the platform. This has helped numerous brands reach perhaps the largest online audience available and generate successful campaigns and attain more sales. Ads have become an indispensable resource for branding, as it helps generate […]

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001_cover_What Should You Do When You Can’t Rank Any Higher But Still Want More Traffic

4 Steps To Increase Traffic When You Can’t Have Higher Rankings

When you first look at SEO and its corresponding process, it’s actually deceptively simple. We look for the right target audience, we create and optimize our website to match the audience’s intent, we ensure that Google can find, trust, and index our website, and we eventually strive to increase traffic while having higher rankings. However, what […]

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