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Tag: unnatural links

Cognitive SEO Review: Unnatural Links Detection

Unnatural links have been “Red Hot” in Google’s eyes for quite some time already. Just last month, Google updated its ‘Link schemes’ document‘ which is meant to penalize guest posting done in large scale, advertising where payment is received, and optimized anchor texts in Press Releases. It surely is troublesome to sift through your links […]

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How Google plans to Control Negative SEO

Let’s get things straight – there is such as thing as Negative SEO. It exists. It works (on some websites). It happens. And it’s been happening more since the latest Penguin Update. Now, Google has just stated the ‘solution’ against Negative SEO.

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Detecting Over Optimization Penalties with Rankpanel: A Case Study

In the beginning of 2012 Google started sending out webmaster notification messages to reportedly 700,000 webmasters all around the world. A lot of these were about “artificial or unnatural links”. Note from the Webmaster: This is a Guest post from Rankpanel‘s Director, Alexander Puschilov. I think Rankpanel is one of those new tools that might […]

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