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Top 10 Tips on Content Writing

Content Writing in 2017 Is Easier Than You Think

Proper content writing is essential in any SEO or marketing efforts. Ultimately, content writing is a big factor on whether or not a visitor of your website will stay or leave. To make sure that your website ranks and visitors stay on your website you have to offer them quality content.

Quality content is often a challenge because you have to put a lot of thought on what your readers would want to read and research on these topics. There’s also the matter of consistency, you need to be able to present your readers with quality content consistently. Additionally, quality content is not the only problem, but also the matter of being able to write a certain number of articles in a specific amount of time. So, being able to efficiently write SEO articles is a must.

Just to put your mind at ease here are some tips on content writing:


Calling All SEO Copywriters: What’s Stopping You From Creating Great Content?


Over the past few years, I’ve seen the same mistakes made by online copywriters over and over again, particularly SEO content creators. Now, I’m not just talking about the technical side of things either, but the actual voice, topic and entire attitude of the content itself.

We all know that creating engaging content is absolutely essential in the digital world, but so many copywriters actually get in their own way when it comes to their content and that can really put a reader off.


Why Writing for search engines will get you nowhere

People always think that SEO is all about being a suck-up for search engines in order for them to rank you well in the search engine results page. Well it doesn’t work that way. At least not anymore.

Search engines are machines. They’re a set of codes created and piloted by search engineers. In the end, they only follow the logic and reasoning of human beings. And in the end, human beings only consider what is human to be a win.