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How to Track Youtube Rankings with Accuranker

With more than a billion active users, YouTube is the second-largest search engine which makes it the place to be for content creators and marketers looking to get more search traffic. 

This makes YouTube optimization a necessity for content creators and marketers alike that don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of growing their audience. I wrote a YouTube SEO guide if you want to know how you can further optimize your videos. 

Just like in any other search engine, tracking your rankings on YouTube and being aware of how you are doing against your competitors is crucial. 


The Ultimate YouTube SEO Guide


How do I set up SEO on YouTube?

Quick Answer: The two main things to consider for YouTube SEO is your Video Content and User Engagement. For Video Content, consider these factors: Title, Description, Tags, Transcription, Channel Authority, Content Delivery, Content Length, Thumbnail Options, Age Restriction. Once you’ve created a strong foundation with your Video Content factors, you’re likely to rank higher. When it comes to User Engagement, make sure you’re creating videos that are useful, informative, and entertaining. Factors to take note of are: Views, Inbound Links, Social Shares, Embeds, Comments / Responses, Like (Thumbs Up), Thumbs Down, and Favorites.