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Archives: Vocabulary

Holds our vocabulary (set of entities) and entity specific data


The robots.txt file, or otherwise known as the robots exclusion protocol or standard is the primary protocol used by webmasters to tell the search engines crawlers which pages inside their website the crawler or robot should crawl and index.

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Orphaned Pages

Orphaned pages are pages of a website that does not have any links pointing to it from inside the website. Simply put, it has zero links from other pages of your website. This hinders search engine crawlers to find the webpage and index it since they don’t have any way to navigate to that specific […]

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Rich Snippets

After properly placing your structured data markup inside a webpage’s source code, Google and other search engines crawl it and helps them better understand the content of your page. Afterward, this results to “Rich Snippets” or “Rich Results”. These are search results that have extra information based on the structured data of a webpage. This […]

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A favicon is commonly associated with a website and is often regarded as its “logo” or “icon”. It helps websites create a specific brand image that assists users to remember the website. This is directly involved in brand reputation and management since favicons are displayed both in the website and search results.

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Link Velocity

Link velocity is the speed at which others are linking to your site or you’re building links from other websites that will point to yours. Another way of understanding it is the speed at which your backlink profile is growing over a set period of time.  

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Data Breach

A data breach is an action that involves one’s personal data getting compromised by entities such as hackers, government offices, and similar organizations. A data breach is a direct invasion of privacy, and the data can be used to damage websites, expose information to the public, and cause shutdowns.

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Google Pixel Series

The Google Pixel Series is a line of smartphones developed by Google. Designed to be a mobile device that is the best platform for Google tools and services, Google Pixel makes use of Android technology through powerful processors and cameras. The latest Google Pixel model is the Pixel 3, which was launched in 2018.

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Algorithm Update

An algorithm update is an update by Google that aims to improve the performance of their search engine. These updates aim to address concerns such as search ranking, mobile optimization, the penalization of various websites, and content optimization. Algorithm updates tend to cause ranking fluctuations, some of which can permanently affect a website’s rankings. Some […]

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WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 is an upcoming WordPress update that aims to optimize and introduce new features on WordPress. This update introduces a new editor called Gutenberg, which aims to streamline the content creation process, making it more accessible for users with no coding experience.

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Neural Matching

Neural Matching Algorithm is an algorithm by Google that enables the search engine to be able to understand words and sentence patterns using AI technology. This allows the search engine to be able to generate more accurate search results through better word analysis.

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