Conversion Rate Optimization | User Experience

User experience is now an ever-growing need both in website and mobile browsing experience. You don’t want users who come into your website to just loiter around until they find a page you want them to find or click on a button that you want them to click.

Our User Experience Optimization Package deals with improving your website month-on month. Innovating designs based on your website’s performance as measured in Google analytics or any other analytics tool you have in place. User Experience Optimization makes sure that your website’s goal is met.


Preliminary Study and Analysis

  • Study of the current design
  • Reports of the weaknesses and problems encountered
  • Goal Setting
    • Targeting the Critical Goals of the Website
    • Optimizing Design to meet those Goals
    • Tracking the Number of Goals Met Overtime

Wireframe Mock-up Design

  • Innovation of the new design
  • Creation of the mock-up design (Draft)

New Design Interface

  • CSS Coding of the New Design
  • Uploading and Implementation of the New Design
  • Analysis of its effectiveness

Challenger Design Interface

  • CSS Coding of the Challenger Design Based on possible Improvements
  • Uploading and Implementation of the Challenger Design
  • Preparation for Split testing

A/B Split Testing

  • Comparison based on stats of the new design and challenger design
  • Design with the Better Statistics and Goal Completion will be the Champion design

Monthly Improvement and Optimization

  • Analysis of the Results of Split Testing
  • Innovation of New Challenger Designs to Compete with the Champion Design

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