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Unlock Your Digital Potential with SEO Services in the Philippines

By partnering with SEO Hacker, you get to dominate the online landscape by driving potential customers to your website.

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Expert and Trustworthy SEO Services in the Philippines

SEO Hacker is a professional digital marketing company that specializes in SEO services in the Philippines. We are located in Paranaque inside Metro Manila, Philippines. We have served clients that have sought better rankings in Google, Yahoo or Bing's search engines and we have ranked them on the first page - often on the first 3 spots of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

SEO Hacker is known in the field of SEO in the Philippines because our SEO Services follow a holistic, all-ethical, white-hat approach. This is because we never would want any kind of sanction or penalty from search engines to any one of our clients. SEO Hacker is an SEO agency that is best known for its expertise in ranking small, medium and enterprise businesses long-term in the search engine results page. Our SEO experts can come up with the best SEO strategies to help improve the searchability of your website.

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Page ONE Rankings on Search Results

SEO Hacker guarantees page one rankings on Google. Our SEO strategies and processes are proven to rank websites within 6 months to a year and stick them there for years and years to come.

Benefits of our SEO Services

We cover a ton of variables for your brand to rank well, convert well and make sure that it's protected:

Improve User Experience

Your website's user experience is easy that a grade 3 student would be able to have an awesome time browsing through your website.

Convert More Users

You can actually convert people who visit your site into leads or sales and turn your site into a money making machine even while you sleep.

High-quality and Informative Content

Churn out awesome pieces of content that is published in a set interval so that you're able to tell Google that you're taking your website's SEO seriously.

Improved Social Media Presence

Social media presence will be far easier if you rank on the first page of Google.

Effective Online Reputation Management

Make it harder for competition or people who would like to post nasty stuff about your brand - to rank higher.

How will SEO Hacker rank your website with our SEO Services?

There are over 200 publicly known ranking factors in Google. There are certainly those that are not publicly announced or known. Perhaps even most of the engineers in Google may not understand how their algorithm works in totality. So we at SEO Hacker took some of the weightiest ranking factors in Google - both those that they announced and the ones that remain unannounced (we found those out through extensive experimentation) and apply them to the websites of our clientele.

This is what makes the type of SEO services in the Philippines our company provides so unique and effective. We have over a decade of experience servicing the rankings of numerous websites in different industries. Here are some of our clients:

Ever since 2010 in the wake of all the Google algorithms that have left tons of SEOs in the world scratching their heads, SEO Hacker has handled the biggest brands and enterprises in the Philippines - doing everything from their website's design, functionality, speed and rankings. Our team of SEO experts are continuously improving our processes, tactics and strategies to ensure that you rank first page in Google and that you leave your competition in the dust.

If you would like to know how much we have generated in terms of ROI for any of our clients listed here, get in touch with us and we'll send over our case studies. SEO Hacker is the trusted and proven agency that provides SEO in the Philippines and other English-speaking Asian countries.

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The SEO Services Package Process

Initial Alignment Meeting

As an SEO agency, SEO Hacker first gets in tune with your team on the keywords we would like to target. There may be numerous back and forth conversations between the SEO Hacker team and your team in deciding on which keywords to use but ultimately, both parties have to agree on the keywords before we start the SEO campaign.

SEO Keyword Research

Our SEO specialists would help in the entire process and be hands-on in looking for more keywords that we may want to include. We have tons of SEO tools and software that help us check your rankings real-time as well as what your competition are doing.

SEO Competitor Analysis

The SEO work of your competitors will also be scanned and analyzed. We will need to see where they are and how long before we can take over their rankings. Perhaps they also have an SEO agency doing their SEO services or perhaps not. Hopefully the latter.

SEO On Site Optimization

We will be benchmarking the SEO done on your website if there was any previous SEO work applied. This helps us to see what we are dealing with as an SEO agency. We will need to know if there are any unethical practices applied in your site beforehand so we can clean it up before building on your website's SEO. Any good SEO service will be hampered and waylaid by unethical SEO previously done by a previous SEO agency.

Google Tools Installation

Some of the first things we require from you would be access to your analytics - this would mostly be Google Analytics and Google Search console. If you don't have them yet, no worries, our SEO experts will be the ones to set it up and do it for you.

SEO Content Creation

After your list of primary and secondary keywords have been agreed upon, our Blog Management team will start planning your content. With the first and most important being your Landing Pages. These are strategically designed and written pages meant to rank you on the first page of Google. After that, the BM Team will create monthly Blog Posts to boost your searchability on the Search Engine Rankings Page (SERPs).

SEO Link Building

As a part of the SEO services in the Philippines that we provide, our Link Building team will also work on your off page optimization. Our team will handle outreaches to webmasters and other websites with high domain authority to generate backlinks to your website. Other advanced link building strategies we do include answering HARO inquiries, building Wikipedia links, Guest Posting, and more.

Other Website Services

There are some clients who got our SEO services and then got our search engine marketing, social media marketing, webhosting, site speed optimization, site security optimization, conversion rate optimization and web development and design to name a few. In all, SEO Hacker is not just an SEO company doing SEO services - we are actually a full-scale digital marketing agency that is best known for our SEO services.

Tiers and Tailor-made SEO Service Packages

Through the years, our SEO services in the Philippines have been proven faithful as none of our clients have gotten penalized. All of them have ranked on the first page and have amassed thousands of leads from the search engine results page. The return on investment from our SEO efforts is colossal.

Our SEO service packages come in different tiers, allowing you to choose the level of optimization that aligns perfectly with your business. Whether you're a startup looking to establish a solid online foundation or a seasoned enterprise aiming for even greater heights, our tailored packages cater to all.

Our SEO Expertise

SEO Hacker is a widely-known SEO agency in the Philippines because of how we have helped the industry grow through publishing blogs and news about Google and search engine optimization as an industry and practice. We have over 40,000 readers every month who help share our SEO strategies, tactics, news and updates to other SEO specialists and digital marketers all over the world.

Our team of SEO specialists are honed through years of best-practices and experimentation - ensuring that our SEO strategies are in-line and completely agreeable with Google's standards and ethical guidelines. Our SEO just works and we make sure that we apply it to our own websites and digital assets. As the saying goes, "Practice what you preach."

We have gone through numerous Google updates such as the famous Google Penguin, Google Panda, and Google Hummingbird updates - all the way to Google's first acclaimed AI in their search engines, Rankbrain.

Well-selected keywords enhance search engine rankings, attracting the right audience to your content or business. This precision ensures that your online presence aligns with user intent, driving quality traffic and increasing the likelihood of conversions and business success.

Empowering Your Presence in the Philippines

At SEO Hacker, our commitment to local businesses in the Philippines is unparalleled. Leveraging our deep understanding of the local market, we tailor our SEO strategies to enhance your visibility within the country. By incorporating well-selected keywords tailored to the Philippine market, we align your content with user intent, attracting the right audience to your business.

Globalizing Your Digital Footprint

SEO Hacker extends its impact beyond borders, delivering international SEO solutions that transcend geographical boundaries. With a global readership and an established reputation for disseminating SEO knowledge worldwide, our international strategies are crafted with precision, acknowledging the nuances of diverse markets and search behaviors.

Get Started With Our SEO Services

Getting started with our SEO services is super easy. Get in touch with us through our contact form or you can use our free SEO audit tool and get a quick assessment on how your website's SEO is doing. The SEO audit will act as a quick and easy benchmark to give you an idea on where your SEO is right now so that you'll know where our SEO services can take it to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization is a facet of digital marketing that deals with the ability to rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is one of the most important branches in inbound marketing as a lot of people search as a lifestyle especially with the advent of smartphones and high-speed internet.

Check out our list of clients and check their website rankings. We assure you that our clients - both past and present have benefited from our white hat SEO services for years and years even after our contract has ended.

We can't really tell Google what to do but we can almost certainly say that you will see some fluctuations in your keyword rankings in the search engine results pages by the 3rd to the 6th month. This should solidify in the first page by the 8th month to a year. It takes time and SEO is a long-game but it is a game worth investing in.

We have been able to rank our clients for the most competitive keywords in the toughest industries. Our SEO services and strategy are customized to ensure that you will win with higher rankings in the search engine results pages. Yes we know that we have SEO packages but at the end of the day, we make sure our SEO is bespoke to your industry and target market to generate the best possible returns. Our SEO specialists will ensure that you get the best possible strategy for your SEO requirements.

To see the industries we have worked with, read our free, data-driven State of SEO in the Philippines 2022 report.


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