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SEO Services in the Philippines

SEO Services Philippines

If you don’t already know (in which case I think you do), SEO Hacker provides SEO Services in the Philippines. We provide SEO services to some of the foremost companies in our local area and even abroad.

Yes, SEO Hacker is foremost a blog which provides SEO practitioners and SEO practitioners-to-be with rich content that ranges from tips, tools, fundamentals, tricks, theories, search engine updates, trends, etc… But we are also making our skills and services available to companies both locally and internationally.

We are a very young company which started February, 2010 and this blogsite followed April of 2010. Our SEO service packages range from a variety of traffic generating choices – from social network marketing, to email list building, to contest campaign management, online reputation management, blog marketing, and of course, my personal favorite, SEO Package.

While we are not the first SEO services company in the Philippines, we are most proud to say that we are one of the best – if not already. Young, agile, and very capable to achieve first page rankings for each and every business that come our way. We are also very honest in our dealings and with the results we can deliver. We use zero percent black hat techniques. We are purely white hatters and we do get our hands very dirty – especially with linkbuilding and content marketing.

We have also been building our team of SEO Hackers and have expanded to 30 employees. I’m very proud of my team and how hard they’re working and learning the field of SEO and effective copywriting.

And if you are a company who is willing to invest a good amount of money and time in your Internet marketing, social network presence and SEO – we’d love to talk with you.

If SEO services is what you’re looking for, we’re here.

Inclusions of SEO Services in the Philippines

Site Analysis

This is the first step for any SEO Service. We will analyze your website, gauge its value and search presence, determine its pain points, and curate a strategy that’s especially catered to the website and its industry. Some of the inclusions in Site Analysis are:

  • On-Page Site Factors
  • Number of Backlinks
  • Domain Age
  • Site Load Speed
  • Search Engine Friendliness
  • Content Gap Analysis

Keyword Research

We will give you the best possible keywords that will take advantage of all opportunities present in your search industry. Additionally, the keywords given should not only be targeting present opportunities but also future opportunities such as rising trends, conversion-driven keywords, etc. Our keyword research process involves a rigorous process of trends analysis, competitor analysis, and coupled with the initial site analysis, we give you the keywords that are the best for your brand.

  • Business Analysis
  • Website Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Trending Analysis
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization accounts for an estimated 25% of a website’s SEO value. However, the 25% does prove to mean a much larger amount because that 25% becomes the foundation of the other 75%. There are a variety of onsite factors that we optimize. Here are some of them:

  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Meta OG Tags Improvements
  • Keyword Density Analysis and Optimization
  • Content Analysis and Optimization
  • Outbound Links Analysis and Optimization
  • Image SE Visibility Analysis and Optimization
  • Site User-Friendliness Analysis and Optimization

Quality SEO Copywriting

Content is one of the most important factors for making your website rank for relevant and beneficial keywords. Which is why quality SEO copywriting is included in our SEO services package - we publish high-quality, informative, expertly-written articles per week to give users information that holds value for them and to signal to the search engines that the website is a trusted authority in its industry. Quality SEO copywriting involves

  • 1 Extremely High-Quality Article a Week
  • Technical Copywriting with Internal Linking
  • Research and Development of Articles
  • Keyword Density Management
  • Article Promotion and Backlinking Management

Link Building

Aside from working on factors INSIDE your website, our SEO services also include link building - curating the best, most relevant links for your website. Promoting your website and the content inside it will help improve website visibility and authority in its industry as well.

  • Quality Backlinks
  • Anchor Text Innovation and Management
  • Quality Website Research
    • Carefully researched authoritative and high-quality websites
    • Exclusives sites with low outbound links
    • Related websites that are not in competition

These are just some of the inclusion in our SEO services, to see a full list, check out our SEO Packages!

Three Different SEO Specialists:

There are mainly three different types of SEO specialists and most of the questions here are for the first and second types only. So please Keep that in mind. Without further ado, here are the different types of SEO specialists.

SEO Consultant

These are mostly freelance SEO services specialists who offer their specialty of their own accord. They are usually unaffiliated with companies because they work individually and sometimes, on a per case basis.

SEO Consultant

SEO Agencies

These are the SEO services specialists that you see online, offering you their services. More often than not, these agencies work for a company that works alongside yours albeit remotely. A good example of an SEO services Agency is SEO Hacker. These agencies usually cost more because they dedicate entire teams to your business and interests.

SEO Agencies

In-House SEO Specialists

Usually, a bigger organization will want their own in-house SEO team. What you can do here is that you can either hire people by yourself or hire an SEO services consultant who can do the heavy lifting for you. All in all, this is essentially a combination of the first and second option and is a good choice if you have a larger than average organization – or if you’re growing your business really well.

In-House SEO Specialists
SEO Pricing

Here’s a simple graph comparing the prices

Of course, hiring a competent SEO Specialist (or Agency) will cost you some money – but that money is worth every penny provided that you’re talking to a competent agency. I took the liberty of collating standard SEO services industry pricing for specific service packages and directly compare them with SEO Hacker’s pricing of similar packages. Do note that these aren’t exact numbers as the pricing for every service will most definitely differ depending on the scope, duration and other agreement that you may have with your SEO services Specialist.

Let’s get started then!

We do a variety of strategies that are proven, trusted, and tried & tested. Onsite optimization, offsite optimization, technical development and optimization, content curation, website design and maintenance. All of these things have other tactics and strategies under them which we all do to bring about the best and long-lasting result for our clients in the Search industry.

You won’t get anywhere by throwing out keywords and building links – these might help you out in the short run but you won’t get anything consistent out of that. Trust me. Like any decent self-respecting business, a good SEO services agency will have a detailed process or an SOP, if you will.

Obviously, they won’t tell you the nitty gritty detail on how their process works but they will tell you the gist of what they’re going to do from the start to the end of the SEO process. They might say something like:

"Yeah, we’re going to check out your website and we’re going to evaluate your website – just so we can find anything we can fix. We’ll then move on to analysing your keywords and then we can start finding the best keywords we can target."

Of course, results won’t come instantly but you’re already off to a great start.

Another thing worth considering is inquiring about links: One of the most important aspects of SEO are backlinks. They were important before and they will continue to serve an important purpose for the foreseeable future. Competent SEOs will definitely try to create links to your website and this is done to try and improve your rankings.

You might think that creating numerous links is a good idea – but let me stop you there. Focusing on quantity instead of quality will most definitely be a futile effort. One good link is worth a couple thousand low-quality backlinks – and this isn’t an exaggeration.

Some agencies create a gimmick out of selling hundreds of good links for a low cost. These links are the automated spammy links that you may see all over the internet and these will amount to around $10.00 or so. A single quality backlink would net you around $25.00 but that’s a quality investment in itself.

Pro tip: If someone is offering you an absurd amount of links for a very low cost, the best response is to politely say no and move on.

SEO Hacker provides each client with their dedicated Account Manager who they can contact ASAP for concerns and questions. We also put extreme importance in transparency which is why there is a month on month progress report for their website analytics and performance. Our accounts managers are also prompt and on top of everything regarding client concerns and questions.

This is a good question because typically, you’re going to have to contact your SEO services agency a couple of times a month. Standard agencies will send you a monthly report and that’s that. When you do find an SEO services agency that fits your needs, the first thing that you’re going to need to do is give them access to your website. This includes admin access and the like – and this is precisely the reason why you have to find an agency that you can trust.

Many SEO Specialists will agree with me when I say that giving your agency admin access is the best and most efficient way to go about things. This gives them the window to make changes with regards to optimization or problem solving instantly. You can try to control these risks by having your in-house developers maintain your website but that will defeat the purpose of hiring an SEO services agency to help boost your site. Like I said earlier, there needs to be a certain amount of trust between you and the agency that you will hire.

If the agency that you’re hiring is saying that all changes to your website will be done internally then that’s a red flag. These agencies need to be wholly transparent with you through each and every change that they will make to your website.

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is that each and every change made has to be tracked and reported to you. That’s not only your right as the consumer, that’s the SEO services Agency’s obligation as the service provider. The reason for this is that if something goes wrong, both you and the agency should be able to pinpoint exactly what happened so you could fix it as soon as possible. The gist is that if anything goes wrong or if any changes were made, the SEO services agency must be ready to send you a report. Every. Single. Time.

Since this is closely related to transparency and something that most clients would like to know about, we have a dedicated page containing all of our past and current clients. You can go to SEO Hacker clients to check them out.

Going back to transparency, one of the most important things you should ask about are your SEO services agency’s past clients. Testimonials and the like make a good measuring stick with regards to their working relationship with the SEO agency. If a client is willing to stake their name by writing a testimonial or a review of the agency’s services, then they must be doing something right.

Of course, to protect their clients’ privacy, they won’t necessarily hand over data and the like. They will, however, be happy to show you a couple of testimonials, either written or in video form from their most loyal of clients.

If the agency that you’re considering refuses to share some examples of their clients with you, then that’s definitely a red flag.

The next big thing to ask is who their longest client is at the moment. If you’re working with a supposedly established SEO services agency whose biggest client has only been with them for less than a year then that’s a big red flag. SEO is one of the best ways of growing a business and as sure as the rising and the setting of the sun, a smart company will only stay with an SEO services agency for a prolonged period of they’re really good. What this means is that if an SEO company doesn’t have a list of loyal clients who’ve been with them for years, then that means their other clients have been leaving them which could indicate bad things.

We, at SEO Hacker, believe that it is only fair to our clients that we give them the best possible service that they’ll be happy with. We only do white-hat SEO since that is what works and that’s what keeps websites in the Search Engine Results pages for the long-term. Adhering to Google’s guidelines and standards is one of our foundational beliefs as an SEO Services company - we make our clients stay in the search engine for a long time without fear of penalties and consequences because that’s what they deserve.

Google, as well as the other search engine giants have standards to which SEO services specialists adhere to. If they don’t then they will be penalized or they won’t even rank at all. Google constantly updates its algorithm in order for them to provide the best user experience that they can provide – and SEO services specialists do their best to abide by these best practices.

If you don’t play by the rules then Google will most definitely be upset with you and when that happens, your website will not grow its SEO and by extension, their rankings as well as their potential to convert potential customers is culled.

When Google is upset with you, your website is penalized and this could happen for a number of reasons. When you are penalized, the traffic that is driven to your website will be directed to better websites that adhere to Google’s standards; This means that you will potentially be helping your competitors – and that’s never good for your business.

It takes a lot of work to constantly optimize a website to abide by Google’s ever-changing set of rules; however, simply abiding by these rules will help you grow your website. It takes a severely long period of time and effort to help your website recover from a penalty – and that time could be used for something more productive such as converting potential customers or driving more traffic into your website.

We do everything related to SEO. Our team is composed of experts that have been mentored by Sean Si, an internationally-renowned SEO specialist and expert. From technical audits to offsite optimization, we do them all.

This is one of the most important questions that you can ask because this will determine what type of service you can get from your SEO services agency. One of the things you should look out for is when they mention technical SEO. One of the most basic things that an SEO specialist should do for you is for them to do a basic technical SEO audit done for your website – and this should happen as soon as you hire them for their services.

Technical SEO is everything that works behind the scenes of your website. From performance to everything that Google and the other search engines care about. The crux of the matter is that technical SEO is all about fixing or optimizing 404 pages, problems with redirects and these are only the most basic aspects of technical SEO.

No one can guarantee this. Ranking for first place for a set of keywords is not impossible, but is not assured. Google erratically updates their algorithm which changes the pace of the search industry more often than you might think. This leads to rankings for ALL websites to change every so often, so no competent SEO will guarantee the number 1 spot.

A confident SEO services specialist will smile and say “definitely”, a competent SEO services specialist, however, will honestly tell you that they can’t guarantee anything precisely because no one outside of Google know how the algorithm works. Google’s search algorithm is one of their most guarded secrets. It can be argued that their search engine algorithm is large source of their revenue so it is only natural that they’d keep it a secret.

Another point worth remembering is that Google will erratically update their algorithm. It doesn’t matter when and it doesn’t matter how, but Google will definitely make some changes. This is another good reason why decent SEO services Agencies will NEVER guarantee you a number one ranking.

Finally, penalties are a natural occurrence in SEO. It can be because of a deliberate change from Google’s side or it could be an element in your website that is making Google upset but the fact of the matter is that your website can be penalized at any given time. The best way or preventing this from happening is by hiring the right SEO services agency.

Again, an SEO agency that really knows their stuff will NEVER guarantee you a rank 1 for your keyword because there are many elements that are working against them at any given time. Anyway, while they can’t guarantee you a rank 1 keyword, SEO agencies will at least help you rank your keywords up. It will take dedication and hard work to get your targeted keyword to that number one spot but it’s not impossible. This is the reason why most decent SEO services agencies include “Keyword Research” in their service packages – it’s done just so they know the scope of their work, the difficulty and of course, the feasibility.

We send out our invoices monthly, which means clients pay us on a month on month basis.

SEO services companies will most likely have different approaches with regards to payments – that’s only natural. The reason you’re asking this question is because it’s only natural that you know what you’re getting into, how much you need to pay and how you should allocate your budget. SEO is not an exact science so people do it in many different ways. Some people want to be paid by the hour and some other people prefer to be paid on a project-based pricing.

When you’ve settled how you’re going to make payments, determine when you’re going to have make them. It’s important that you know every when so often that you have to pay especially after an invoice. Also, ask if there are penalties or interest fees for late payments. It doesn’t hurt to cover all of your bases especially when it comes to your finances.

For those interested in our SEO services, you may contact us here. We have a team of digital marketing consultants always ready to answer inquiries and questions you might have.

The thing about SEO is that it’s a kind of job where you don’t need to be in contact with your SEO specialists at all times. The problem, though, is that you need to be able to contact your SEO team the moment something goes wrong or if you have something important that you need to discuss. Typically speaking, SEO services agencies will normally contact you and give you an update once a month. It can be done per week or every two weeks; it depends on your arrangement with your SEO services agency.

The important thing to remember is that you need to ascertain the modes of communication that your SEO services agency prefers and that they should know yours. Another important question to ask is how you can contact your SEO team in case of an emergency. These are the important communication issues that you need to solve before settling with the right SEO services agency for your business.

SEO and marketing are no longer two separate things – in fact, SEO and marketing should be one fluid system that coexists with one another. That’s not necessarily the reality of things at the moment but that’s what your SEO should become eventually.

It is precisely because of this goal that many SEO agencies have taken to calling themselves something like a “digital marketing company” or something similar so don’t be surprised if you try to look up an SEO services company and find many “digital marketing company” entries on the SERP.

Does this mean that there are no longer any “pure” SEO specialists out there? On the contrary, no. What this means is that the SEO specialists of before have grown and have acquired new skillsets which could prove to be beneficial to your business in the long run.

Decent SEO services companies will offer you a minimum lock-in period of a couple of months upon your initial contract signing. The reason for this is that SEO is a long-term business and any changes made by your SEO services agency of choice will not happen overnight. It’s a long process that takes months and months of work.

However, if something happens to your company and you find yourself unable to pay for your SEO services agency’s services then you need to know how to move forward. You need to understand what your options are. There could also be other reasons for your intent to cancel the contract prematurely such as dissatisfaction with their services or what have you. The important thing to know is if there are clauses or fees in the contract that you need to know about. Make some changes if necessary but the important thing that you know your options.

This is the lifeblood of all SEOs so it won’t come as a surprise that our team of SEO specialists are always looking for the most recent news and updates with regards to Google’s algorithm changes. Through their knowledge of the most recent Google updates and news, our team is always one step ahead of the competition when creating strategies and tactics that bring our clients to the first page.

Now this is an important question that you need to ask because this question will determine whether an SEO services agency is good or not. The thing about Google is that they update their algorithm at least 500 times a year. There are many minor changes and there also a number of significant changes that SEO specialists should definitely know about. It’s okay for them to not know about the dozens of minor changes but the major algorithm updates such as Hummingbird or Penguin are a definite must-know for every SEO specialist.

Keep a list of Google’s most recent major update and ask your SEO services agency questions about the updates. Verify their familiarity with the updates and if they can pass your test, then it means they really know their stuff.

It is important for an SEO specialist to keep himself in the know with regards to Google’s algorithm changes because this is the bread and butter of SEO. These changes are what determines what is good and what is bad for SEO. By extension, these changes will determine the state of your website. If your website is good and conforming to Google’s requirements then your SEO is good. If your website is being penalized, then that’s something you should have your SEO services agency look into.

SEO is needed in all industries. Much like how search engines are not limited to just one industry, SEO is also not limited by this. Strategies and tactics change with each algorithm update and they also change with each industry. We pride ourselves in being able to adapt to any industry in the market and make sure the client stays in the first page for their industry keywords.

The thing about SEO is that everyone needs it. From fashion designers to computer parts stores, many different businesses from all walks of life will eventually approach an SEO agency for their services. So the crux of the matter is will your SEO services agency be able to adapt to your industry? Any decent SEO services agency will have an SEO strategy that they use. Most decent SEO services agencies will have the know-how to make their strategy work for any business in any industry.

This is also another reason why you should ask them about their current clients. If you see that their current clients are happy and that they are actually in different industries, then clearly, that’s a good sign of adaptability.

Rather than boasting about what we can do with your website, we let our results do the talking. Our extensive list of satisfied clients, both local and international, is already a great reason why you should reach out. Another reason is, we rank for the most competitive keyword in the country - SEO Philippines.

Typically speaking, most SEO services agencies will respond with something like they’re cheaper, they can create more backlinks or they can outright lie by telling you that they can get you instant results. If the SEO services agency you’re interviewing tells you these things, then the best course of action for you is to politely smile and move on to your next candidate.

Good SEO will not come cheap but it doesn’t come without its benefits. Good SEO is an investment that will cost you a considerable sum, however the returns that you will gain will far outweigh your expenses – that is if you choose a competent SEO services agency.

The ideal answer to this question is proof of their past successes, their track record with their clients and their reputation in the market. Basically speaking, it’s their results that they should be talking about, not what they can do with your website – and that’s something that not many SEO specialists can care to admit.

Key Takeaway:

SEO is an investment that will only bloom in the long-term. It’s not something that should be rushed. The questions that I wrote here are questions that you should ask in order to ascertain whether or not that SEO services agency that you’re talking to is a good one or a bad egg. That other questions were structured so that you’d be able to find out if their way of doing business is compatible with the way you handle your business.

I recommend using all of these questions when you talk to an SEO services agency that you like. Also, if I may be so forward, why not give SEO Hacker a shot? I’ll answer all of your questions and then some. Send me an email and let’s set a date.

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