SEO Hacker History

SEO Hacker Team History

I think it’s about time to give due credit to whom credit is due. Let me tell you how SEO Hacker first started and the history of my journey as its first managing director.

WARNING: This is NOT a post about SEO nor Internet Marketing

It all started when I bought my first blog – God and You ( I offered my last money to God and told Him that I want to just blog for Him – to glorify Him throughout the internet. I bought the domain name, 1 gig worth of hosting and started my first independent WordPress blog.

My SEO Experience

I was going through my On-the-Job Training (OJT) when I stumbled upon SEO – I was hired by a young company in Ortigas (which is now out of business, unfortunately). I was given the task of SEO trainee – too bad that the SEO manager resigned just a week after I got in – leaving all the SEO work to me (there were only 2 of us for the company’s entire SEO stuff). I had an enormous quota which involved blog commenting, forum posting and adding a lot of “friends” in 5 social networks for 5 of our company’s clients – which I’m ashamed to say wasn’t really SEO work. It was honestly horrible and I worked from 6am in the morning to 12 midnight on some days – and got paid $150 a month for all of it.

In the middle of it all, I was learning more about WHY I was doing things. Why I had such a huge quota. Why I had to comment intelligibly on forums. Why I had to comment intelligibly on blogs. Why the links were so important. Etc. In all of this, I applied everything to my first blog – God and You. And true enough, some of my tests worked. I got my blog to PR 3 then PR 4. And it’s ranking on a wide scale of keywords even until now.

The Brand Name

SEO Hacker as a website was born April 2010 – just a few months from my college graduation (I graduated February 2010) – while I was still working for HP as an SAP support specialist in the San Miguel Building in front of SM Megamall. It was after working hours for me (my shift was 9am – 6pm) and I had lots of time to wait for my friend (I was staying at his place during that time) who was assigned to a 3pm – 12mn shift. By this time, I was already a bit knowledgeable about SEO because of the strategies I tested out in my God and You blog (

I bought (whose name was inspired by a blog I was following then – and built it as a ‘knowledge-base’ blog. I simply blogged about the new things I was learning about SEO. I was doubly inspired by on how they were posting such great copywriting tutorials and helping out a lot of people become better bloggers. I fashioned SEO Hacker’s style on their generous tips and tricks blog style – and even had my color scheme inspired by their color scheme then.

I worked hard in HP – learning how a services company should provide great services to clients – and the penalty of it if we don’t. I learned to do things in a timely fashion and to work well with a team. I had a lot of time after working hours to read about SEO, practice it, then write about it. Those were the first blog entries of SEO Hacker – needless to say, they’re only around 300 words and don’t make much of an SEO article. Don’t bother looking for them.

SEO Hacker Team Celebration Yellow Cab

Our first ‘Team Get Together’ (Know who that guy on the far left is?)

How I Started as a Professional

Then someone from our local church invited me to do SEO for him – he was a third party. I told him that I don’t have any professional experience but he insisted. So I went to work – but I was convicted because the website was a gambling website. I then asked God if what I was doing was glorifying to Him and I told God that if it wasn’t – He would take it away. That’s almost $550 worth of monthly income which was more than what I was getting in HP.

God was faithful and He took the project away – leaving me with nothing for half a month. I went to Hongkong with my dad (it was his graduation gift to me) and I met a girl there whose uncle owned the biggest scuba diving liveaboard fleet in the Philippines. She referred me to her uncle and that was my first major contract. I was gutsy enough to pitch the contract at almost $1,000 and the company agreed. The rest, as they say, is history.

Where we Are Now (October, 2012)

SEO Hacker Family

Today, SEO Hacker has grown to more than 20 people in the team and more than 20 brands under the care of our internet marketing services. But the best part is, SEO Hacker has helped numerous up-coming SEO specialists through its blog, SEO School, and through speaking engagements throughout the country.

Looking back, I could really say that it’s all by God’s grace – and even today when we face financial difficulties as a team (yes it does happen), God is gracious enough to boost us with 1 more client or with a few more people signing up for our Sterling Enrollment.

I want all my readers to know that SEO Hacker is a company and a blog started by the grace of my God in my life – He deserves all the credit. I’m merely His servant. I also want you to know that if you let God – He can do great things in your life too. I gave Him my last money and He blessed me with a wonderful business, a wonderful team, and even a wonderful girlfriend (yes, the first thing me and my girlfriend talked about when we first met, was about Christian apologetics in my blog).

But in all this, I want to share with you this verse that I keep in my heart and mind.

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.” – Job 1:21

SEO Hacker started with God – and it will surely end with God. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

You can read a little bit more about my SEO journey here. If you’re interested in joining our team, you can check out our SEO Job Opportunities page.

Some of our team Videos:

SEO Hacker Team 2013

SEO Hacker Team 2014

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  • It’s refreshing to hear someone blog about there achievements and giving God the credit. I’m a new subscriber to your site after reading this post.

  • kaylee.kacy

    We had terrible results with an out of state SEO company and are looking for a recommended grand rapids internet marketing company. We know the closer proximity should improve things but we want to make sure we are kept in the loop this time. Any suggestions?

    • There’s nothing better than in-house if you ask me :)

  • nice work and personal history..sir, i have a question: how much do you earn per month with this website? i just wanted to know 0.o (i earned small earnings in my blog – and i want to know some tips also) thanks.

    • Hi Richard,
      I’m not earning a lot from this site by itself. I have a few ads, some affiliate links but I’m not promoting them.

  • Hi Sean, I never thought you are a Christian, hehe.. I am a regular reader of seo hacker. I love this post ,you sound like a mature christian. Very inspiring, I am also a SEO practitioner, I started reading your blog when my site was penalized by Penguin update.

    Keep up the posting wonderful SEO articles, stay humble and be bless more by the LORD!

    God bless,

  • chloei

    Good day sir Sean!
    reading your posts and achievements were inspiring for me. I am an IT student and I’m dreaming of being successful in the field of SEO someday. your story of struggles and success pushed me to pursue what I wanted to do.
    God bless this website and your team!

  • Hi Sean,

    Being successful is what everyone wants in his/her life. I am so happy to see you growing with your blog. Working with a team and have more than 20 brands under care is a great news!

    I wish you ALL THE BEST :)

  • fahad

    very inspiring post Sean. I am new in seo field and your article inspired me a lot. Previously i purchased a forum posting campaign from a link building firm from which advertise like buy forum submission in cheap price.But i didn’t get the proper benefit from it. Now i think i should do it myself. What is your opinion about this fact.

    • I think that forum submission done automatically is not beneficial at all. I also think that if you are providing this as a service and doing it in good quality, that you are not getting paid well to do so. I assume that you’re not charging a premium amount so you’re also most probably not doing quality work. In which case my honest opinion is you’re not doing any real SEO and your clients are not really paying you real money. You guys are just fooling each other around the web. But hey, whatever makes the world go round for you, right?
      If you want to engage in real SEO, study how SEOmoz and Copyblogger does it. That’s how you’re going to earn real respect for being an SEO here in the internet. This is my opinion.

  • this is inspirational post for me that is also asking for guidance and hoping to establish a business.

    more power to seo-hacker!

  • Love, love, love to read your story, Sean, and of course, pictures are worth a thousand words!

    By the way, have you seen your face embedded in my new blog header?

    • Hey Ana!
      Thank you for your kind words :) I hope my story gave you some inspiration where you’re at with your blog right now. It’s a great way to increase branding (stories) – I’m sure you know :)
      Why yes I’m surprised to find my face there now that you’ve mentioned it! Haha! Cool!
      Thanks Ana!

  • I like this story, history of seo hacker. This story make me motivated and give inspiration also. You right, we start with God and end with God.

  • Wincel Ong

    Hi Mr. Si!
    I was really humbled by your story. Truly, God moved you into something that will glorify him.
    By the way, I’m an Hotel and Restaurant Management student and is it possible for me to learn SEO and turn it into a potential business? And do I need to have a background in IT or Marketing for me to easily learn it?

    Thank you Mr Si. and I hope that you continue to spread God’s good news to everyone.
    God Bless you.

    P.S. My classmate Riezel Templa e-mailed you regarding our upcoming event. I hope that you will be our speaker. Thanks again.

    • Hi Wincel,
      All glory to God :) yes it is definitely something you should look into – whatever course you’re in. SEO is a mixture of technical, emotional, and creative. Some of these skills you may possess even now. If you could tap into it in the form of producing content that would give value to people, you’re on the right track. You don’t need to have an IT background. At the very least, you just need to know how to make your way through a WordPress blog and that’s about it.

      And yes I’ve been in touch with Riezel :) I’d be honored to speak at your event. See you soon!

  • Rev G.E. Sterrett

    As a IT professional of over 30 years and an ordained minister of the gospel, your story rings true in my spirit and I commend you for your praise and obedience to God’s leading. It’s a pleasure to be connected to you in life

  • Edelyn Entierro

    Hello Sean, I’m so happy to read your great story here. It only proves that God is really good all the time. Like you, I am also serving God while doing SEO work as a financial support for my family. Your story here is a great inspiration and encouragement for me, especially in your faith as a Christian. Thank you for being a good model to us and I am praying more for greater things that God wants for us. God Bless You :-)

    • h3sean

      I’m very privileged to have been able to share this story with you. Thank you for your encouraging words! God bless you!

  • seokungfu

    At the end, all the hardship, struggle and learning are God’s ways of showing to us his Love and Care :)

  • Thank you for sharing story. God is faithful and he always sees us as better than we see ourselves. All praise and glory be to Him.