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SEO Company Philippines

It’s not a secret that there are now a good number of SEO companies in the Philippines. SEO Hacker is one of them. We are now officially going 10 years and have grown to a team of almost 50 in-house individuals. Here’s an update on how much SEO Hacker, as an SEO Services Company here in the Philippines, has grown to be one of the leading SEO companies in the country:

Social Media

It’s not much but SEO Hacker has slowly but surely grown its social circle. Our latest stats are:

How many likes does SEO Hacker Facebook Page have?
22,913. People who click on our Like button get to have our page feeds every time we post a new update in the SEO Hacker blog.

How many people have joined SEO Hacker Facebook Group?
5100 – A community for up-coming SEO specialists. Spam and self-promotion is highly moderated and discouraged.

How many people have subscribed to our email list?
More than 10,000 people subscribed to our Email List and 4000 for push notifications – all of whom we’ve kept confidential. They are happily receiving our latest entries every time we post a new one.

How many people have signed up for SEO School?
SEO School has over 2,000 members! We try to keep things simple and concise with all our lessons. The school has gone a design revamp and a huge development in system – click here to check it out!

How much Direct and Organic traffic does SEO Hacker have?

We get around 20,000 direct traffic and 40,000-50,000 organic traffic to our blog entries each month. I have been blogging for almost a decade now, I consider myself blessed to have that number recognize our branding. I think that branding has a lot to do with SEO today.

The point is, it’s not an overnight thing to build a community and brand. It takes hard work, consistency, creativity and commitment. These are just numbers. The underlying value of our company isn’t really in how big our community is but how well we serve them and how well we take care of our brand.

We make sure to know what our clients goals are and we effectively communicate to them how SEO Hacker can help them achieve it. That’s why we offer a variety of services that we can customize and tailor-fit according to our client’s needs and goals.

What are the services that SEO Hacker provides?

If you didn’t know, SEO Hacker provides SEO services not just in the Philippines, but all around the world. We are an all-around SEO Company that offers these major services:

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO Services package focuses on your search engine visibility so that your traffic will be consistent and your potential customers will heavily increase over time. It also focuses more on your Google page rank and your competition with other websites with the same niche or market as yours. Our SEO package will take you through all your competitor’s websites in a breeze.

Search Engine Marketing

A start-up website has almost no way of ranking in the search engine results page for mid-level competition keywords. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or better known as Pay-per-click (PPC) Services is what new websites need in order for them to rank for their desired keywords in no time.

SEO Hacker provides PPC services like no other, we make sure that for every click you spend, you get to earn numerous times over.

Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management is one of the most in-demand services in the web today. It focuses on fixing scandalized, bogged-down brand, identity, online, and search engine reputation. Ever had a site post negative things about you or your company or brand? Reputation management (also known as ‘Reverse SEO‘) is what you need.

Email Marketing

When you go through the surveys, three years from now it is said that Email marketing will still be the most effective method of making conversions online. And it’s a no-brainer for companies to have an Email Marketing service for their customers and would-be customers.

Here at SEO Hacker, we offer only the best practices when it comes to Email Marketing. We ensure that your Emails will not go to the spam folder and we also, in turn, ensure that no spam would be sent to your customers. We only deliver quality content with quality, copywritten articles to promote your business offers, products, services and/or events.

Conversion Rate Optimization

User experience is now an ever-growing need both in website and mobile browsing experience. You don’t want users who come into your website to just loiter around until they find a page you want them to find or click on a button that you want them to click.

Our User Experience Optimization Package deals with improving your website month-on month. Innovating designs based on your website’s performance as measured in Google analytics or any other analytics tool you have in place. User Experience Optimization makes sure that your website’s goal is met.

Web Development and Design

A brand or company’s online presence is a necessity for any industry - that is why the creation of a useful and aesthetically appealing website is a must-have for any company or business.

Our web development and design package makes sure that your website could be seen on the internet through our web hosting, the information it contains is complete and useful, the design of the website is in accordance with your brand’s image, and much more.

The package enables you to have a website that will please your visitors, and be ahead of your competitors in the online industry. We highly recommend this package to all of our clients.

We have catered to international and Philippine brands in our many years in the SEO industry. We do more than just SEO, we care about your brand. You can check out our full SEO and Internet Marketing Packages here.

We have recently revamped our SEO Services website – check it out and tell us how you like it!

What is the State of SEO Companies in the Philippines?

I know that this will probably not put me in the Mr. Congeniality spot but in my honest opinion, most SEO companies here in the Philippines are doing it wrong. I see websites, I see them rank for certain keywords and I think to myself: “is this really how it should be?”

There are those who sell with good sales copies in their website but when you check out their rankings, they are not performing at all (it’s obvious which keywords an SEO Company website is ranking for just by looking at their homepage Title Tags and their ‘SEO Services’ pages).

Two words: Not Impressed.

I want to challenge these companies to a higher standard. Practice what you preach. The first and best selling point of providing SEO services to a client is that your website itself is ranking well for your target keywords! I can’t express how many SEO companies I’ve seen over the web that are not ranking for their own target keywords and yet they are selling their stuff to other companies.

It’s just like a farmer without chickens selling eggs – they are obviously not your eggs. You’re either a reseller or you really don’t have eggs to sell.

seo companies

What is the future of SEO Companies in the Philippines?

It’s sad to say that right now, even with the rise of new SEO companies here in our country, there are still lots of bad eggs. I would love to see things change and take a different route. SEO in the Philippines doesn’t have to be this way – it doesn’t have to be spammy and unethical.

As such, I’m sure there are SEO companies out there that are doing it right. We have our examples of great SEO companies abroad. Companies like SEOmoz, Distilled, SearchEngineLand, etc. And if you haven’t noticed, I’m simply patterning my content marketing and SEO strategy to them – because I think they are doing it right.

google penguin

How can you sell white-hat SEO to prospective clients?

SEO Hacker is focused on making our client as the leaders in the search engine results page. We want to put them up. We want to help them generate revenue. This is our goal. We believe this can be achieved with the best long-term strategies there is: Branding, content marketing, and white-hat SEO.

I know that it’s really tough to educate and sell white-hat SEO to prospective clients. Especially to prospective clients who are thrifty and critical. But hey, SEO is an investment. Internet usage in the Philippines is on the rise and it will only keep on increasing. It’s not a matter of ‘IF’ but a matter of ‘WHEN’.

Those companies who are willing to invest in great SEO that provides value and that will last are our perfect idea for a client. It’s true that these types of clients are rare and scarce – but there lies the adventure, doesn’t it?

client king

What are the dangers of having a cheap SEO service?

I recently ran into a client who signed a contract with me. To my surprise, their website was in the sandbox – just when the latest Google penguin rolled out. I checked out the reasons behind it and found out some pretty interesting stuff.

You see, there was this SEO company that they hired that did their SEO for a cheap price. Sometimes companies don’t bother to wonder why the price is low when the SEO company promises quite a number of things. You see, I have a simple perspective for business: “If it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.”

To make the long story short, this cheap SEO company cloaked some stuff in my client’s website for the SEO company’s own benefit. There were hidden links and some pretty nasty keywords that were left hidden from users but blatantly bare for search engines to crawl.

It was an… Experience for me. I had to dig deep and get my hands dirty studying black hat SEO just to try and find out how to reverse this and get my client out of Google Sandbox.

Sad to say, this is a fresh thing and I’m still in the process of trying to figure out how I can remove these damaging, cloaked stuff in my client’s website. I have a number of solutions up my sleeve though.

In all, running an SEO company here in the Philippines, I would say that I had it good. God has blessed me with great clients, a great team and an impossible company history. I wish that the SEO industry here in the Philippines would improve. We need to perform and live by a higher standard. I don’t want the term ‘SEO’ to have a bad ring here someday.

The Experiment

Now, don’t get me wrong. This post has existed for quite some time in my mind. If you try to Google ‘SEO Company Philippines’ in it will show up a set of results. I’ve not tried to compete with that exact keyword – until now. I want to see how Google’s freshness algorithm, social signals, some of our internal linkjuice, and some of our SEO best practices will work in the latest Penguin update.

This post is an excellent experiment to test that out due to the high competition of the keyword ‘SEO Company Philippines’ – so since this is laid bare for you to follow anyway, why don’t you check it out for yourself how far this post could rank?


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