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SEO Philippines

SEO in the Philippines is now a REALLY BOOMING industry. Just over eight years ago I had no idea about SEO or what it’s about. SEO here in the Philippines wasn’t all that popular then. I don’t know if I’m just more involved in the SEO industry now that I find and meet a lot of other Filipinos who are practicing SEO and servicing clients around the world.

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Just look at Facebook


I’m currently running a Facebook ad and you’ll be surprised to know that there are almost 50,000 Filipinos who are into SEO. It’s a huge amount. I haven’t really checked how many people are interested in SEO two years before, but I’m assuming that the growth is exponential.


Most of the SEOs in the Philippines are also young. A bulk of ’em ages from 18-24 years old. Which indicates that SEO in the Philippines is a rising trend among the upcoming generation. I think that the Philippines can be a hub of SEO practitioners and internet marketers in the soon coming years.

Internet Savvy and English Mastery

I think that the Philippines is one of the best countries that has grasped the English language both in oral and written form. I also think that a lot of Filipinos are internet savvy (Facebook savvy?) and those two attributes strongly qualifies us to have good reason and interest in web traffic generation. A lot of Filipinos are also outspoken and have their own blogs – which also needs traffic.

A lot of Filipinos also love to work at home (including me) due to various reasons – most of which is family time and financial efficiency. Of course when you work from home, you save money from travelling to your office and you also save money from buying food outside.

SEO is also one of the most in-demand jobs in the internet to date. And it has created a lot of job opportunities for Filipinos who are looking for employment but don’t want to be ‘just another’ employee. They want to feel more special – an employee of their own perhaps? Handling clients makes you feel more significant than just working an 8-hour day job in an office desk.

internet savvy english mastery

SEO Hacker is based in the Philippines

If you didn’t know yet, SEO Hacker is one of the foremost SEO services company in the Philippines. The services we provide are achieved with one hundred percent brand-hat techniques and quality linkbuilding strategies. Check out our team and our company history.

SEO Services Company

SEO Hacker is primarily an SEO and internet marketing company in the Philippines. We focus mainly on SEO and Social network marketing unlike other all-in-one, one-stop-shop digital companies.

The good thing about primarily being an SEO services company is that we are always up to date with the cutting-edge techniques and strategies that work in the SEO industry today. We did not start out as a company servicing web design and development – we started out servicing companies on SEO and internet marketing! We hit the ground running.

SEO is our forte. You don’t need to worry if you are going to rank on first page because we GUARANTEE it!

SEO Hacker provides only the BEST QUALITY service for SEO and Internet Marketing. The SEO Hacker team has everything you need in order for you to jump start your business website – from design, layout, content and videos, to Online Reputation Management, to SEO, marketing, advertising, copywriting and much, much more. You can contact us here.

SEO in the Philippines is Awesome!

Contrary to some circulating news on the web that the Philippines is a source of bad SEO (perhaps comparable to Indian SEO), it’s one of the best places to get your SEO services from. Why? Simply because we have a really good handle of the English language. Filipinos are able to speak English well (if you need to communicate with us via Skype), and we have a really good pool of writers.

While it’s true that there are some SEO companies here in the Philippines who are not worth their salt and who are practicing unethical SEO, there are the few rare gems here that can provide value, highly relevant search traffic, and awesome branding to your website. You just have to look a little harder and dig a little deeper.

Right on the first page of Google when you search for ‘SEO Philippines‘ are list of websites that are mixed in their SEO ethics and practices.

SEO Hacker practices white hat SEO which centralizes on a content marketing strategy and a solid technical and performance foundation. We make sure that your site delivers awesome content and it’s marketed out to the proper platform and audiences. We make sure that your website’s code is SEO friendly and it runs smoothly and loads fast even on a particular end-user’s slow internet speed.

The sad thing is, there are other companies in the first page of Google for the keyword “SEO Philippines” who do not share the same ethics and practices as we do.

Update July 2014: The reason why I took the company’s name down is because I was sent a demand letter from “the company” to take their brand name down due to the ‘Philippine Cybercrime Law’ – apparently I was ranking for the company’s brand name which means they could not even take care of their own brand’s ranking online. What a joke!

It is widely known in the SEO community that this company is not an ethical SEO company and have damaged clients that they have previously handled. The only reason they are still ranking on the first page of Google with the keyword ‘SEO Philippines‘ is because there are a lot of Philippine websites that are linking to them. Of course, they maintain control of these sites because they were the ones who developed these websites – which, if I may personally add my opinion, do not at all look good. If you’re an SEO specialist, check the backlinks of the companies ranking for “SEO Philippines” – you’ll immediately know who I’m talking about.

It is a sad thing for foreign people to hear and read bad things about SEO in the Philippines – and while I would admit that it’s because we do have bad eggs here, I would beg to differ that we do have some awesome companies here who provide honest-to-goodness, white hat, ethical, long-term SEO.

We are one of those SEO companies. And there are several others whom we would like to point out to.

My Journey to SEO

I started doing SEO in the Philippines way back 2010. It’s already 2016 now and I could say that I’ve learned a whole lot. In fact my knowledge has branched out to other relevant fields in the industry such as Conversion Rate Optimization, SaaS (which is the nature of my second business, Qeryz), Email Marketing and Push Notifications, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Youtube SEO, Site Speed Optimization, Site Security Optimization, and Online Reputation Management to name a few.

All of which affect SEO. If your site is slow, you rank lower. If your site is not secure and is infected, you rank lower. No HTTPS? You rank lower. No AMP installation? Go down the rankings. It all ties up. SEO is a holistic practice. All of the strategies have to be cohesive for it to work as it should.

SEO in the Philippines can be quite a challenge especially due to the companies and individuals whose business ethics is bringing the industry down. The only way to pull it back up is to do great work and practice what you preach. Do what you promise to do for others. In short: Rank for your own keywords.

This article is ranking for the keyword “SEO Philippines” which is what is intended to rank for because what this article does is to give everyone a higher-level view of how SEO is being done here in the Philippines and what the status of SEO is in our country. It’s also meant to guide and educate people who are looking for legitimate SEO companies in this country to the right direction.

SEO hasn’t been smooth sailing for me. I was always fond of doing it the ‘Google way’ which is the harder, more disciplined way of ranking in the search engine results page. So I keep writing. In fact, if you’re in-tune with all the SEO blogs here in the Philippines, SEO Hacker is the blog that is still producing articles at least once a week. It is a discipline that I’ve sworn to keep.

I’m a content-based SEO specialist. It’s my foundation. I love writing – and it just so happens that Google loves good writing too. So that’s the best way that I rank myself and my clients online – through great writing. All of our blogs have excellent content that is delivered in a consistent, timely basis.

That’s what we are going to do for you should you want us to handle your SEO.

The Rise of SEO in the Philippines

There are a bunch of other Filipino SEO resource hubs out there who are way better than me. I don’t know it all. And I guess this is a chance for me to contribute to the Philippine SEO-sphere (if there’s such a thing) so that you get to know them too!


If there is one Filipino SEO specialist here in the Philippines that I would openly admit to the world is better than me (which I’m doing now), it’s this guy named Jason Acidre. Just browsing through his blog gives you a huge sense of expert methodologies and strategies. He’s now started his own company Xight Interactive in just less than two years that he’s been in the SEO industry.

SEO Hacker is all about teaching SEO, Search engine News and tutorials. Kaiserthesage is all about getting your hands dirty and diving in to what SEO really is.

kaiser the sage


This has been a very exciting and active community in the Philippine SEO industry. It’s mostly a forum where A lot of Filipino SEOs get together for discussing the latest trends, tools, meet-ups, conferences and inuman (drinking) sessions about SEO are going to be. The community is quickly growing and if you are an SEO specialist here in the Philippines, I encourage you to join SEO.Org.Ph because of the value that you can get out of it.

The people in the community are fun and friendly (as most, if not all, Filipinos are).

seo org

The Rise of SEO in the Philippines

Webbythoughts (Inactive – checked: March 5, 2016)

Marc Acsay’s latest blog about link baiting impressed me. So much so that I had to link to it as a resource for my About Link Building post. His blog’s a new one. But I think it has good potential.

My Advice: Keep on blogging Marc! Your linkbaiting entry tells me you’re headed in the right direction.

webby thoughts

SEOTeky Blog (Inactive – checked: March 5, 2016)

SEOTeky just popped into my radar recently. I’m ashamed to say that I should’ve seen them earlier since they’ve been in the Philippine SEO field much longer than I have. I love how they declare that SEO in the Philippines shouldn’t come in cheap.

My Comments: I’m encouraged to see your website and team Jayson. Keep it up and take care of your team! Don’t let other clients charge you peanuts!

seo techie

Venchito Jun is doing a lot of hustle for his site and branding lately – and has caught the attention of local and foreign SEO specialists alike. He’s doing a lot of things right recently. You might want to check him out.

My Advise: Keep writing and stick to your winning strategy (content curation, interviews, long posts). You’ve built a brand around it – make it stick before you move on to another innovation.

digital philippines

Carl is an up-and-coming player in the SEO industry but he’s been around doing digital stuff since he was 12 years old. A promising kid who has his own digital marketing company. Who wouldn’t like that? Check out his SEO Philippines page where he has his arguments and services laid out.

carlo ocab

Looking Forward

I’m excited to see the Philippines as a country which can be the hub for quality SEO services. Right now it’s looking that way. And in my personal opinion, it’s much more exciting than being a hub for call centers – again this is my personal opinion and I mean no offense to anyone.

God bless you guys!

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