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SEO Philippines

SEO Philippines

SEO in the Philippines is now a REALLY BOOMING industry. Just over eight years ago I had no idea about SEO or what it’s about. SEO here in the Philippines wasn’t all that popular then. I don’t know if I’m just more involved in the SEO industry now that I find and meet a lot of other Filipinos who are practicing SEO and servicing clients around the world.

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Just look at Facebook


I’m currently running a Facebook ad and you’ll be surprised to know that there are almost 50,000 Filipinos who are into SEO. It’s a huge amount. I haven’t really checked how many people are interested in SEO two years before, but I’m assuming that the growth is exponential.


Most of the SEOs in the Philippines are also young. A bulk of ’em ages from 18-24 years old. Which indicates that SEO in the Philippines is a rising trend among the upcoming generation. I think that the Philippines can be a hub of SEO practitioners and internet marketers in the soon coming years.

Watch my talk about SEO and Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing at the Philippine Business Enterprise Congress (Attended by 1,000 Entrepreneurs)

Internet Savvy and English Mastery

I think that the Philippines is one of the best countries that has grasped the English language both in oral and written form. I also think that a lot of Filipinos are internet savvy (Facebook savvy?) and those two attributes strongly qualifies us to have good reason and interest in web traffic generation. A lot of Filipinos are also outspoken and have their own blogs – which also needs traffic.

A lot of Filipinos also love to work at home (including me) due to various reasons – most of which is family time and financial efficiency. Of course when you work from home, you save money from travelling to your office and you also save money from buying food outside.

SEO is also one of the most in-demand jobs in the internet to date. And it has created a lot of job opportunities for Filipinos who are looking for employment but don’t want to be ‘just another’ employee. They want to feel more special – an employee of their own perhaps? Handling clients makes you feel more significant than just working an 8-hour day job in an office desk.

internet savvy english mastery

Over 8 years of SEO in the Philippines

It's been some time since I started out doing SEO. I've done a ton of work - from content writing, linkbuilding, technical SEO, branding, analytics, even going out of my way to learn Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Schema markups, Youtube SEO, HTTPS and site speed improvement strategies.

Over half of the things I learned initially has changed. And that's not just on how we do SEO in the Philippines - but SEO in general. Google has smartened up by a million miles since 2010. It is actually more difficult to try and game the system than to do it right the first time. A lot of Filipinos who practice SEO here in the Philippines have realized this by now. And they have been catching up.

Ever since I started doing SEO here in the Philippines, I've been dead-set on doing only the right thing - white hat SEO. We have never dabbled with gray or black hat SEO for us or our clientele. That has proved to be a huge winning strategy for us as a huge percent of our clientele are subscribed with us since the day we signed our first contract!

Although it makes me glad to see that there are more competent white-hat SEO companies here in the Philippines, it also saddens me that the competition has gotten fiercer than I thought. You see, the Filipino SEO community is not an impossibly large one. We pretty much all know each other and have seen each other at some point in time. We have had conferences in Batangas, Cavite, Tagaytay - and some other vacation places here in Metro Manila. There have even been some gatherings out of town at Bacolod or Cebu. And while that's super cool about the local SEO community, it's a shame that some of the newer white-hat SEO companies have taken it on themselves in singling out the pioneering heralds of white hat SEOs in the country.

I have seen and felt this first-hand. SEO Hacker as a brand is one of the strongest, most well-known SEO companies here in the Philippines and yet some of our competitors would sweep this fact under the rug and would go so far as replace it with foreign owned competition. It's a shame, really. I was expecting that the white-hat SEO community in the Philippines would be better than this. Sadly, prestige, money and the romance of thinking of oneself as the underdog has gotten the best of us.

That being said, I still have huge and high hopes for the SEO industry in the Philippines to thrive and grow. There are tons of businesses that have reached out to us to help them with their online visibility, digital marketing, branding and content. We have done (and are continuing to do) work for some of the biggest companies here in the Philippines too!

Some of the companies based in the Philippines that we are partnered with and have made millions for using SEO:

  • The Generics Pharmacy

    The Generics Pharmacy

    Km. 14 Edison St. cor. Cul de Sac, West Service Road, Sun Valley, Parañaque City, Philippines 1700
  • SM


    J.W. Diokno Blvd, Pasay, Metro Manila
  • Mega Sardines

    Mega Sardines

    # 70 Sgt. Esguerra Street, South Triangle, Quezon City, 1103 Philippines
  • Juan Carlo

    Juan Carlo

    24B 11th Jamboree St. Tomas Morato, Quezon City
  • Fukuda


    6A Dama De Noche Street, UPS 4 Compound, Sucat, Paranaque City
  • Toyota Quezon Avenue

    Toyota Quezon Avenue

    728 Quezon Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • Uratex


    Km. 23 East Service Road South Superhighway, Muntinlupa, 1770 Metro Manila
  • Mapua Institute of Technology

    Mapua Institute of Technology

    658 Muralla St., Intramuros, Manila 1002, Philippines
  • Reedley International School

    Reedley International School

    J. Cruz St. Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1604
  • Solaric


    2320 Pasong Tamo Ext. (Chino Roces Extension) Makati City, 1200 Philippines
  • Alcoline Corporation

    Alcoline Corporation

    2509 South Avenue, Brgy. Olympia, Makati City
  • KYK Tools

    KYK Tools

    545 Caballeros St, Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila
  • Slimmers World

    Slimmers World

    6/F Pan Pacific Hotel, Adriatico Square, General Malvar Street corner M. Adriatico Street, Malate Manila City
  • Mineski


    CSB Bldg. 119 Scout Dr. Lazcano, Tomas Morato Quezon City, Philippines
  • I'M Hotel

    I'M Hotel

    7862 Makati Avenue Corner Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines, 1210
  • Enderun


    1100 Campus Avenue McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio Taguig City 1634 Philippines
  • FC Tile Depot

    FC Tile Depot

    1125 Edsa Balintawak, Apolonio Samson Quezon City
  • Inspire Leadership Consultancy

    Inspire Leadership Consultancy

    2F HPL Building, 60 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City 1200 Philippines

SEO is a long-term investment and the good thing about companies here in the Philippines, is that a lot of them are doing business for the long haul. This is why we have so many of our clients still working with us. We consider them more as partners in generating value and revenue for Philippines as a whole - rather than just a mere paying client.

That said, we are always going the extra mile for all our clientele. More often than not, we find ourselves doing favors for them - even going so far as designing calling cards for them (which is completely not part of our contract). This takes the relationship between us and our clients to a whole new different level. This is what we do for all our clients - and this is what we can do for you.

SEO Hacker is based in the Philippines

If you didn’t know yet, SEO Hacker is one of the foremost SEO services company in the Philippines. The services we provide are achieved with one hundred percent brand-hat techniques and quality linkbuilding strategies. Check out our team and our company history.

SEO Services Company

SEO Hacker is primarily an SEO and internet marketing company in the Philippines. We focus mainly on SEO and Social network marketing unlike other all-in-one, one-stop-shop digital companies.

The good thing about primarily being an SEO services company is that we are always up to date with the cutting-edge techniques and strategies that work in the SEO industry today. We did not start out as a company servicing web design and development – we started out servicing companies on SEO and internet marketing! We hit the ground running.

SEO is our forte. You don’t need to worry if you are going to rank on first page because we GUARANTEE it!

SEO Hacker provides only the BEST QUALITY service for SEO and Internet Marketing. The SEO Hacker team has everything you need in order for you to jump start your business website – from design, layout, content and videos, to Online Reputation Management, to SEO, marketing, advertising, copywriting and much, much more. You can contact us here.

SEO in the Philippines is Awesome!

Contrary to some circulating news on the web that the Philippines is a source of bad SEO (perhaps comparable to Indian SEO), it’s one of the best places to get your SEO services from. Why? Simply because we have a really good handle of the English language. Filipinos are able to speak English well (if you need to communicate with us via Skype), and we have a really good pool of writers.

While it’s true that there are some SEO companies here in the Philippines who are not worth their salt and who are practicing unethical SEO, there are the few rare gems here that can provide value, highly relevant search traffic, and awesome branding to your website. You just have to look a little harder and dig a little deeper.

Right on the first page of Google when you search for ‘SEO Philippines‘ are list of websites that are mixed in their SEO ethics and practices.

SEO Hacker practices white hat SEO which centralizes on a content marketing strategy and a solid technical and performance foundation. We make sure that your site delivers awesome content and it’s marketed out to the proper platform and audiences. We make sure that your website’s code is SEO friendly and it runs smoothly and loads fast even on a particular end-user’s slow internet speed.

The sad thing is, there are other companies in the first page of Google for the keyword “SEO Philippines” who do not share the same ethics and practices as we do.

Update July 2014: The reason why I took the company’s name down is because I was sent a demand letter from “the company” to take their brand name down due to the ‘Philippine Cybercrime Law’ – apparently I was ranking for the company’s brand name which means they could not even take care of their own brand’s ranking online. What a joke!

It is widely known in the SEO community that this company is not an ethical SEO company and have damaged clients that they have previously handled. The only reason they are still ranking on the first page of Google with the keyword ‘SEO Philippines‘ is because there are a lot of Philippine websites that are linking to them. Of course, they maintain control of these sites because they were the ones who developed these websites – which, if I may personally add my opinion, do not at all look good. If you’re an SEO specialist, check the backlinks of the companies ranking for “SEO Philippines” – you’ll immediately know who I’m talking about.

It is a sad thing for foreign people to hear and read bad things about SEO in the Philippines – and while I would admit that it’s because we do have bad eggs here, I would beg to differ that we do have some awesome companies here who provide honest-to-goodness, white hat, ethical, long-term SEO.

We are one of those SEO companies. And there are several others whom we would like to point out to.

My Journey to SEO

I started doing SEO in the Philippines way back 2010. It’s already 2016 now and I could say that I’ve learned a whole lot. In fact my knowledge has branched out to other relevant fields in the industry such as Conversion Rate Optimization, SaaS (which is the nature of my second business, Qeryz), Email Marketing and Push Notifications, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Youtube SEO, Site Speed Optimization, Site Security Optimization, and Online Reputation Management to name a few.

All of which affect SEO. If your site is slow, you rank lower. If your site is not secure and is infected, you rank lower. No HTTPS? You rank lower. No AMP installation? Go down the rankings. It all ties up. SEO is a holistic practice. All of the strategies have to be cohesive for it to work as it should.

SEO in the Philippines can be quite a challenge especially due to the companies and individuals whose business ethics is bringing the industry down. The only way to pull it back up is to do great work and practice what you preach. Do what you promise to do for others. In short: Rank for your own keywords.

This article is ranking for the keyword “SEO Philippines” which is what is intended to rank for because what this article does is to give everyone a higher-level view of how SEO is being done here in the Philippines and what the status of SEO is in our country. It’s also meant to guide and educate people who are looking for legitimate SEO companies in this country to the right direction.

SEO hasn’t been smooth sailing for me. I was always fond of doing it the ‘Google way’ which is the harder, more disciplined way of ranking in the search engine results page. So I keep writing. In fact, if you’re in-tune with all the SEO blogs here in the Philippines, SEO Hacker is the blog that is still producing articles at least once a week. It is a discipline that I’ve sworn to keep.

I’m a content-based SEO specialist. It’s my foundation. I love writing – and it just so happens that Google loves good writing too. So that’s the best way that I rank myself and my clients online – through great writing. All of our blogs have excellent content that is delivered in a consistent, timely basis.

That’s what we are going to do for you should you want us to handle your SEO.

The Prominence of SEO in the Philippines

Nowadays, everyone has access to the Internet, whether it be through computers or smart devices. People turn to it the moment they realize that they need to get their hands on information, making use of search engines to find what they are looking for. On the other side of the spectrum, businesses know this; thus, they create content specifically tailored to whoever may need it. Following this is the process of SEO, which essentially helps these pieces of content get discovered easier.

The rise of SEO in the Philippines is amazing, to say the least. Originally, the concept was integrated into web development, before the pioneers of SEO decided to make it a standalone process, which does wonders for websites when executed properly.

SEO in the Philippines is only in the growth stage—new businesses are founded every day, which are opportunities for SEO agencies to prove themselves and make their mark in the digital market.

With SEO, there are endless possibilities: it could make a previously unvisited site appear on Google's first page, or help a groundbreaking piece of content make its way towards thousands of users. If anything, its potential has no ceiling. A company with good SEO always has a chance to be visible on the web.

History of SEO in the Philippines

A decade ago, businesses had no idea about SEO whatsoever. They were more than happy to just have a website and let the developers apply what they understood about site optimization on it, but they soon realized that the digital market is huge and is in a constant state of growth and development. Having a website up on the web wasn't enough—something had to be done if they wanted to stay at the top of their game.

Once businesses understood how SEO worked, the number of companies who utilized it in their operations exponentially increased. They recognized the large benefits of SEO and took advantage of it.

Benj Arriola has been part of the SEO industry since 2004 and is now recognized as a key figure in the development of SEO in the Philippines. One of the first practitioners of SEO in the country, Benj has established himself as an expert in the craft, if he isn't a master at it yet. In fact, his very first client in his SEO career was too overwhelmed with the success brought by SEO that he asked Benj to ‘shut it down', before selling the business.

Since then, SEO in the country has experienced a rapid growth, and SEO experts can only agree on how powerful it can be. SEO continues to evolve with each passing day.

Why SEO is Effective in the Philippines

Modern Filipinos are always hungry for information, and they expect to get a hold of whatever they may need almost instantly once they realize it. All it takes is a pull of their smartphone from their pocket or purse, a few taps on the screen, and they will be looking at a vast ocean of information originating from hundreds of different sources. Search engines make this possible for all of them.

Every day, millions of people in the country are utilizing search engines around the clock, and from a business owner's standpoint, this is both an opportunity and a competition. With the huge Filipino audience and the unpredictable chances of any number of users needing the content they have created at any time, SEO is a must if the company were to stay ahead.

Below are reasons why SEO works in the Philippines:

The Large Audience

As already mentioned above, the Philippines has a large population—a hundred million people, and at least any one of them searching for something on the web at any given moment. SEO takes great advantage of this, and when correctly implemented, delivers impressive results.

A Talented Workforce

The Philippines is regarded as a major outsourcing country, and the main reason for this is because Filipinos love competing for the top spot, and they just don't know how to quit. In the SEO field where every day is a competition, the hardy Filipinos thrive.


Outsourcing companies from other countries can be really expensive. The difference in costs between foreign countries and the Philippines can be mind-boggling, but don't get confused—lower costs don't translate to lower work output. The expenses in the country may be less, but the results are every bit as impactful as what foreign companies could have provided.

Unlimited Opportunities

SEO is an extremely dynamic playing field. There will always be competitors, and you can never really expect where you'll rank tomorrow even if you were at the top today. That said, a single day has the potential to take you down, but it also means that every day is a new opportunity for you to rise up again. This is problematic in other countries where they follow an all-or-nothing protocol, but in the Philippines, there is always room to grow.

What Makes SEO Agencies Work?

SEO is comprised of many different sub-concepts and factors, all of which contribute to the process as a whole. Each and every one of them is significant, and the absence of one can potentially compromise the entire operation.

Based on its amazing results, it can be quite easy to assume that SEO's engine is powered by magical powers—but this really isn't the case. The core of successful SEO agencies isn't fairy dust, but skill and dedication.

Individually Talented People

Creating content of the highest quality is crucial—and so is making sure that they reach the target audience, and that they actually are the right content. These are different tasks assigned to different teams within the organization, which are further divided into individuals who each do their part for the company. A huge portion of an SEO agency's success is dependent on how well its people perform, and high performance levels translate to success.

Well-Coordinated Teams

Each team has its own specific purpose, but they are also partly responsible for how well other teams do. Successful SEO companies are composed of teams that work together like a well-oiled machine, each knowing precisely what they must do while supporting the other teams in any way that they can.

A Skilled Leader

There's an old saying that even if you give a great coach mediocre players, he will find a way to win no matter what. This is true in many cases, including SEO agencies. The head of the company isn't just there to tell his people what to do, he is also the most knowledgeable in the entire company, and is always there to support his employees whenever they need help.

An Indomitable Mentality

The field of SEO can be, at times, disheartening. Drastic drops in rankings can affect the overall performance of a company if they let it get to them. However, successful agencies understand that this is part of the process, and is necessary for the ultimate goal of getting to the higher echelons. SEO is unpredictable and can be harsh, but it isn't unconquerable—you just need enough willpower and you need to train your mind to keep going regardless of the current situation.

Identifying a Good SEO Agency

SEO has already been established as an important factor if you want to be successful in the world of digital marketing. Hence, SEO agencies and practitioners will always be needed, as long as there are businesses.

Without a doubt, hiring an SEO agency provides a handful of benefits for your company.

There are plenty of companies in the Philippines to choose from, but make sure to take your time in reviewing all your options before making a final decision.

Recognized by the Government

In the Philippines, there is always the question of whether something is legit or not, whatever that something may be. In the case of SEO agencies, being registered and licensed by the government to operate is the ultimate sign of their legitimacy.

Good SEO agencies operate legally, or not at all. Make sure to verify that the agency you intend to hire has all the appropriate documents, as you don't want to be part of illegal operations of any kind.

Client History and Reputation

The success of an SEO agency is largely determined by its clients—by how well they have helped them improve their business. Being able to handle multiple big-name clients and providing quality service to each in an efficient manner is a key indicator that the company is superior, so be sure to do extensive background checks on your prospects.

Aside from being recognized for its clients, it is also vital that the company has highly competitive employees who have professional experiences and educational backgrounds. Additionally, they must also have the right skill set required to perform the job at a high level consistently.

Client Satisfaction is a Priority

Regardless of the type of business, client and customer satisfaction must always be of topmost importance. Good SEO agencies don't treat their clients appropriately just because they are paying them, but because it's what the clients deserve.

The best SEO companies will do everything to deliver on their promises to their clients, no matter how difficult it can possibly be. A deep level of trust is established between the parties involved, and the agency will not attempt anything that could damage it, let alone break it.

Honesty and Transparency

If you have heard about an SEO agency that can make your site reach Google's top spot overnight, you might as well forget that you ever heard about that agency.

SEO doesn't work that way. It takes time and patience. SEO agencies know this, and they make sure that their clients are aware of this as well. They always let their clients know whenever something comes up, and keep them informed as much as they need to be.

Respect for Clients

There will be clients who will ask for impossible things or back out of the agreement. In any case, SEO agencies will not hold any of those against their clients. They respect their clients regardless of the predicament, and will always find a way to communicate in a professional manner.

The Rise of SEO in the Philippines

There are a bunch of other Filipino SEO resource hubs out there who are way better than me. I don’t know it all. And I guess this is a chance for me to contribute to the Philippine SEO-sphere (if there’s such a thing) so that you get to know them too!

Maximize Your Business' Potential with SEO Hacker

Seeing your site on the first page of Google may seem like an impossible dream, but it isn't. It takes work to get there, but it isn't anything that we, SEO Hacker, can't pull off.

We have been in the SEO playing field since 2010, when Google overhauled the way it works with algorithm updates, in response to multiple websites resorting to black-hat techniques to manipulate the website rankings. Since then, we have grown into one of the most recognized SEO brands in the Philippines and in the world.

With all kinds of clients, we have helped a huge number of businesses grow, all while implementing only ethical SEO, and with hard work and dedication at the core of our company.

We believe that honesty is a key factor to success, and this is why we are always open to our clients, from the moment they first considered us until we've landed them on the first page—and after. Yes, we will land you on the first page. It may take a while, but we guarantee you that we'll get there and stay there, and we'll be completely transparent with you about everything that's going on, every step of the way.

And once you decide to put your trust in us, all you have to do is sit back as your site climbs the rankings, until it reaches the top spot. Yeah, you can stop worrying about being contacted every hour or so. We know what you want, and what needs to be done.

SEO Hacker can provide you the edge you need—from website design and optimization to converting visitors into customers, we've got your back. Click here to find out just what we're talking about.

So, wanna be in the top spot? Let us know.

SEO Hacker Services Philippines


If there is one Filipino SEO specialist here in the Philippines that I would openly admit to the world is better than me (which I’m doing now), it’s this guy named Jason Acidre. Just browsing through his blog gives you a huge sense of expert methodologies and strategies. He’s now started his own company Xight Interactive in just less than two years that he’s been in the SEO industry.

SEO Hacker is all about teaching SEO, Search engine News and tutorials. Kaiserthesage is all about getting your hands dirty and diving in to what SEO really is.

kaiser the sage


This has been a very exciting and active community in the Philippine SEO industry. It’s mostly a forum where A lot of Filipino SEOs get together for discussing the latest trends, tools, meet-ups, conferences and inuman (drinking) sessions about SEO are going to be. The community is quickly growing and if you are an SEO specialist here in the Philippines, I encourage you to join SEO.Org.Ph because of the value that you can get out of it.

The people in the community are fun and friendly (as most, if not all, Filipinos are).

seo org

The Rise of SEO in the Philippines

Webbythoughts (Inactive – checked: March 5, 2016)

Marc Acsay’s latest blog about link baiting impressed me. So much so that I had to link to it as a resource for my About Link Building post. His blog’s a new one. But I think it has good potential.

My Advice: Keep on blogging Marc! Your linkbaiting entry tells me you’re headed in the right direction.

webby thoughts

SEOTeky Blog (Inactive – checked: March 5, 2016)

SEOTeky just popped into my radar recently. I’m ashamed to say that I should’ve seen them earlier since they’ve been in the Philippine SEO field much longer than I have. I love how they declare that SEO in the Philippines shouldn’t come in cheap.

My Comments: I’m encouraged to see your website and team Jayson. Keep it up and take care of your team! Don’t let other clients charge you peanuts!

seo techie

Venchito Jun is doing a lot of hustle for his site and branding lately – and has caught the attention of local and foreign SEO specialists alike. He’s doing a lot of things right recently. You might want to check him out.

My Advise: Keep writing and stick to your winning strategy (content curation, interviews, long posts). You’ve built a brand around it – make it stick before you move on to another innovation.

digital philippines

Carl is an up-and-coming player in the SEO industry but he’s been around doing digital stuff since he was 12 years old. A promising kid who has his own digital marketing company. Who wouldn’t like that? Check out his SEO Philippines page where he has his arguments and services laid out.

carlo ocab

Looking Forward

I’m excited to see the Philippines as a country which can be the hub for quality SEO services. Right now it’s looking that way. And in my personal opinion, it’s much more exciting than being a hub for call centers – again this is my personal opinion and I mean no offense to anyone.

God bless you guys!

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