How Optimizing Old Posts Increased Our Traffic by 884%

Optimizing Old Post

There are 2 kinds of marketers, as Pamela Vaughan described it. The first one hunts for one big idea, while the other one grows through pervasive optimization.

We used to be the hunters. However, as content drastically grew in terms of amount while the demand remained static, it has become harder to be the hunter.

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How Domain Names and Domain Extensions Affect SEO

Domain Affects SEO

I met an old friend last week who happened to be starting a business, and planning to create a website for it. She started asking me stuff like “what domain name I should use?” “should I go for a .com or .net or should I try .business?”

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How to Create an SEO Dashboard Using Cyfe


There are dashboards for pretty much everything now. Social media accounts, marketing, analytics, demographic data, even creating reports that you can show your clients to prove you are actually doing what they pay for.

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