Advanced SEO Course Outline

Of course, every Course has its outline. So before we start the lessons, we’re giving you the breakdown of the main modules and what you’ll be getting out of it

Here’s the course outline:

  • Google’s Way of Thinking
    • Google’s Rating Guidelines
    • Social Signals and its Effects
    • Search Volume Effects
    • Brand Mentions Effects
    • Checklist in starting a site (all on Google’s perspective as to why)
          • Domain age register for 3 years
          • Get the best keywords for your domain name
          • Set-up your URL slugs for the long run
          • Do the little things – in the long run, it’s gonna be your trump card
          • Keep on posting
          • Link out and reach out – outbound linking and relationship building
  • Scalable Link Building

    • Using Social Media
    • Using Broken Link Building
    • Using Guest Posting
    • Using Linkbaiting
  • Link Building Tricks

    • Getting High PR Juice from Tumblr
    • Garnering Support from Artificial Link Building
    • Creating and managing a Link Circle
  • SEO Truths and Myths

    • Keyword Density is Dead
    • Anchor Text is losing grounds
    • Sitewide Links are good for you
    • Flash is useless

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What you have to do to get the most out of this course:

First of all, you have to read and study all of the lessons every time they get delivered to your inbox. The lessons are delivered every three days so as to give you time to read thoroughly and to apply them to your website.

Secondly, since most of the course deals with off-site optimization and linkbuilding, you have to run experiments and apply these principles and tutorials on your own.

Thirdly, you have to do your extra reading and research if you want to get the best out of the course. I can only teach you so much – in the end, you have to be the one to thirst for more to be a better SEO practitioner.

Fourth, don’t force the lessons down your head. If you can’t follow anymore, get some sleep and read it tomorrow – don’t worry. It won’t disappear from your inbox.

Fifth, Join the SEO Hacker Groups. Questions sent to my email inbox WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED. You have to join the community forums in order for me to address your questions and concerns.

Sixth, Join the SEO Hacker Fan Page to get the latest updates about SEO and SEO Hacker.

Seventh, Make sure you watch the Videos. There are some things discussed in the Videos that are not available in the lesson transcript.

Eighth, Check if the emailed lessons are trimmed by your email browser. If it is, then you can click on the “View it in your Browser” link on the topmost part of the emails or click the Facebook Like button – it will take you to a page with the whole email displayed.

We surely hope you get the most out of this course by following these guidelines!

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Sean Patrick Si
SEO Hacker Manager and Specialist