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Category: Marketing

Relationship Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

It’s no secret that successful marketing requires a good understanding of your customers. After all, you can’t create content or design campaigns that appeal to your target audience if you don’t know who they are. But what about going beyond just understanding who they are? What about building relationships with them? In this comprehensive guide, […]

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Marketing Your Product with Free Advertising

Creating a product (or a service) is a tough job. Not only do you have to, obviously, create it, you also have to ensure that it will land on a pre-defined market and end to be profitable. If product creation is the hardest part, the second hardest will probably spreading the word out or what […]

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What is Niche Marketing?

Niche marketing refers to marketing within a distinct or specified in realization that the more you focus on such markets, the more you’ll be able to attract and target the really interested readers/viewers/buyers or just audience in general.

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The 4 Rules of Product Marketing

It’s always a given that the best way to make profits from a blog or website is to have a product of your own. But that doesn’t leave you to explore other opportunities does it? And besides, it’s not as if it’s easy to whip up a product in a flash. So while you’re at […]

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When Video Marketing has become more than just an option

Five years ago, three former PayPal co-workers Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim started a Flickr-style sharing site for videos. They were expecting this to be big. Five years after, Youtube rose up to become the world’s third most visited website of all time.

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3 Basic Must-Do Internet Marketing Tips

The internet is a vast, vast marketplace where you have all kinds of people – meaning you have all kinds of buyers, sellers, marketers, specialists, etc. Your business has unlimited potential to grow when it targets the internet as it’s market. I just want to share with you three basic internet marketing tips which should […]

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