How Server Errors Affect Your SEO Efforts


When it comes to SEO and trying to improve the optimisation of a website, server header status codes should not be overlooked. They can both improve and severely damage your onsite SEO. Therefore it’s vital that search engine optimisers understand how they work and how they can be interpreted by search engines like Google and Bing.

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SEO Don’ts – Things that will make Google Hate you


Google is known for changing its search algorithms regularly. When it does, some SEO techniques that were once considered the best are now called spammy and intentionally misleading. This forces web developers and SEO marketers to quickly change tactics, often revamping an entire SEO plan within a few days to keep a website from falling off of Google’s search results.

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6 Reasons Why You Can’t Replicate Famous SEO Strategies (Yet)

SEO Strategies

If you’re trying to grow your website’s rankings, conversions or traffic, you are probably following all the authoritative blogs in the industry religiously. I’m certain you also tried to replicate many of the case-studies you found on there, but for some reason, they never had the same results that the original authors led you to believe. I also tried and failed miserably. Most of the times.

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How Storytelling Benefits Your SEO

Storytelling for SEO

On the surface, it seems like storytelling and SEO would mix together about as well as oil and water. The former is emotional and human-driven, while the latter is technical and influenced by algorithms. Interestingly though, storytelling helps bridge the gap between what people want to see, and what search engines want to see.

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The Real SEO: How to Rank in Other Search Engines

How to Optimize for other Search Engines

We tend to focus on Google alone. I, too, am guilty of it.

I remember when I was still in our Accounts Management department, personally replying to every inquiry we received from our services page, and I’m always excited to say “we can put you on the top of Google!”

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