How do I know if my SEO Works?

How do I know if my SEO Works?

This is perhaps a question that precedes all implicit purposes of why you’re doing SEO – whether you’re an agency doing it for a client, you’re a freelancer working on your own site or you’re a small business owner trying SEO out for the first time. It is a timeless question that deserves an answer.

And yes there are ways to know.

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Why you need Technical SEO and Where to Start

Technical SEO

I used to believe that you didn’t need to be a technical person when it came to SEO. That powerful copywriting and awesome outreach strategies can bullishly push your way to the top. I realize today that I was wrong. Dead wrong.

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How to Get Your Site Ready for Penguin 3.0 (Really)


As you know, Google rolled out Penguin 2.0 By May 22nd, only 2.3% of the sites in Google’s index have taken a hit from it. Needless to say, Penguin 2.0 was nothing compared to the first iteration.


Some say that Google Penguin 2.0 was less harsh than the first.

But I think that it had more to do with the fact that most SEOs that changed their link building approach after Penguin 1.0. Blog comments were replaced by guest blogging. Profile links were replaced with broken link building. And many black hatters (myself included) went legit.

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3 Skills of a Successful Link Builder

Three Chesspiece

Link building, when done correctly, is advantageous. Not only does it build connections that lead to higher rankings in major search engines, but it also makes the internet a more navigable system. However, due to Google’s continued evolution and progress, link building as an SEO strategy is becoming increasingly dependent on quality over quantity.

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