Google Splits Index into Two for the First Time: Mobile and Desktop


Google is now making changes to its search index by splitting its search results into different forms for their mobile and desktop iterations; these changes are expected to come into fruition in the following months. What this means is that search index is going to be prioritizing its mobile version by having it constantly updated while the desktop version will be considered a secondary index, therefore less up-to-date.

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How to Step Up Your Customer Service Game Like a Pro


In SEO, it is important to build a rapport with your readers because generally, people are more likely to enjoy perusing content shared by people or websites that they like.  This is the reason why many SEO Specialists as well as Internet Marketers spend so much time perfecting their craft so that people’s average dwell time would get better over time as well as formulating general strategies in order to retain their converted leads.

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Dust Off Your Business Intelligence Tools Because Your SEM Needs Them


Whether you are fixing a squeaky door or analyzing your search engine marketing, you’re going to want to find the right tool for the job. Often times, we forget or choose to forget that we have so many great resources in front of us that will drastically improve our SEM tactics. Business intelligence tools need SEM and SEM needs business intelligence tools. Learn how to capitalize on both for more measurable business results.

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How to Predict Your Potential Customers’ Keywords



Content creation is one of the most fulfilling yet difficult tasks that SEO Specialists face. The main problem is making the article interesting enough so that people would like. That’s a problem that we tackled in one of my previous articles and today we’re going to be tackling a different debacle – keywords.

Many SEO specialists will tell you that keywords are one of the most important things that you have to master as an Internet Marketer but why is that? Let’s start with the basics.

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