SEO Copywriting for User Experience

SEO Copywriting for User Experience

When you’re writing a story or an article, you make sure to give your users a great read. You make sure that the story’s great. The grammar is impeccable. The facts are all sorted out. In SEO Copywriting, you take all that and mix it with a great user experience – making sure that User Activity within that page sends a positive signal to Google.

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SEO Copywriting: Wordsmith


As a writer, we paint. We make sure that our words create visions in our reader’s minds. We play. We create art. Wordplay is one of a writer’s most important skills. In SEO Copywriting, that is tuned up a bit to Wordsmithing.

What’s the difference?

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SEO Copywriting: Art and Science

SEO Science

Writing is one of the things I love doing in life. I discovered this just shortly after I discovered how much I  love singing. When I was a kid, I’d write out stories and short-novels of superheroes and fantasies I’ve always dreamed of being in. Some people say writing is a gift, some say writing is a skill. How different can SEO Copywriting be?

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SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting Course

What’s the difference between SEO Copywriting and Copywriting? Is there a difference in Content Strategy? A difference in the style of writing? Where do you draw the line? What makes each one significant?

This is an up-coming course for SEO School. The contents of which, will be published weekly as lessons and may change overtime.

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Using Cornerstone Content to Acquire Word of Mouth Links

Cornerstone Content

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase more than once: “Content is King”. Yeah, well, what does that really mean? I don’t know the exact interpretation of the one who penned that phrase but what I do know, is that without a king, there is no kingdom. Without cornerstone content, your website is just another domain name in the vast sea of great, quality information throughout the web.

You see, there is nothing ‘good’ that gets noticed in the web today.

Only what is ‘exceptionally great’ will get real attention and spread out.

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