New Blog Management Strategy: Cross-Linking

Hi Blog Management team,

Today we’re rolling out a new strategy that I believe we can test. We now own an estimate of 19 client blogs – including Isshogenki. From these blogs, we can draw links without the big G of search engines ever noticing it. We are not going to create a linkwheel or a blog network.

It’s going to be a simple cross-linking.

So here’s what you should do:

  1. Think of topics that will vertically hit some of our other clients
  2. From those topics, create blog entries and publish them in the proper client blog
  3. Link out to the other client’s already ranking landing pages from the blog entries
  4. Make sure to use either phrase match, or exact match keywords
  5. Include the keyword in the <title> tag of the article you are linking out from
  6. Make sure the link keyword (whether phrase match or exact match) is in the first paragraph as much as possible

This will make more efficient use of our blog articles for all our clients. It is not a strategy to be abused to use it wisely. My advise is to use this just once a week.


Start creating the vertically related topics for next month.

Publish the first articles the first week of August.

I expect this strategy implemented as soon as possible.



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