9 Best Strategies to Maximize SEO ROI

9 best strategies to maximize SEO ROI Cover Photo

SEO can be quite the investment as it is a you-get-what-you-pay-for business. There are agencies or individuals who will entice you with their low prices and say that you will quickly see your SEO ROI, and that is something they can afford doing because it usually means they utilize shady tactics to get you to rank. Unfortunately, those same tactics will also get you penalized by Google, which can even lead to you getting kicked off the SERPs entirely.

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Social Monitoring and Social Listening: Are They Different?

Social Monitoring and Social Listening Are They Different

Many businesses make efforts in connecting and engaging with their audience through different social media channels nowadays. According to Hootsuite, there are 1 billion messages exchanged between people and businesses on Facebook Messenger. Furthermore, 70% of customers expect companies to use social media for customer service.

What do these numbers tell? If you are to spend more time and energy on social media, it’s best to wise up on your social media marketing as well. But, a good social media strategy must have two fundamental elements to make it successful: Social Monitoring and Social Listening.

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Google MUM Announcement: Redesigned, Comprehensive Search

Google MUM featured image

Google has certainly been on a roll when it comes to releasing updates, as shown by our past two blog posts. Despite Google being the most popular search engine, there are still shortcomings and areas of improvement. Google knows this, and last Sept. 29, they announced that we will finally be introduced to their new technology, MUM, in the next couple of months.

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Google Announcement: E-commerce Best Practices Guide

Google E-commerce Best Practices Guide

With brick-and-mortar businesses moving online and new online businesses popping up to survive the pandemic, plenty of people are facing the challenge of becoming relevant and discoverable in search results especially as competition is getting tighter and tighter. Businesses that aren’t discoverable will have trouble connecting and building relationships with their customers, and that in turn will result in low to no conversions and no profit.

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