How to Define Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO

What is Black Hat SEO? It is a practice that deals with unethical strategies that are geared to increase the ranking of a particular site.  Those who use these kinds of tactics do not follow the search engine guidelines which is why you should avoid this SEO type at all costs.

Search engine Optimization can be done in a variety of ways. It’s flexibility and boundaries are almost limitless. There are two popular ways or methods to do SEO and they are called the ‘White hat’ method and the ‘Black hat’ method. You are either of the two or you’re in between.

I’d like to keep my posts simple and short so that the newbies in this particular profession would easily understand. For this post, I would focus on the black hat method.

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In SEO, domain age matters

domain ageHow much weight does age have in SEO? They say that a site’s age matters in a website’s search engine rankings. How does this work? How long does your site have to be up in the web to be ranked higher by our beloved Google?

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Seven simple things that matter in your site’s SEO

Seven SEO Tips

Did you ever wonder what really matters in SEO? What stuff makes your site rank higher? What would make your Google rankings better? What is the secret ingredient to the brew? I talk about the 7 simple things that matters in your site’s SEO:

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SEO in 2 simple terms

Two tips in SEO

SEO is such a wide topic. You can type in ‘SEO’ in the internet and get endless results. It’s an emerging trend and a lot of information can be confusing. I lay out SEO in simple terms in this post. What is SEO in simple terms?

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How is Google’s personalized Search engine capability going to affect SEO?

Google now has a personalized search feature in their search engine. It’s kind of like a bot that can tell Google’s search engine what kind of stuff you’re looking for. Different keywords have different results and you’re if you’re looking for only one type of result, it would be tasking to go through all of the irrelevant search results.

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