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4 Steps to Successful Blog Planning

The best time is always now…

Stop wasting your time. If you want something done, do it now.

Think of blogging as a business. In fact, treat it like a business. No matter how little or big you invest in it, the point is to always make it grow for you to get the returns that you rightfully deserve.

And for that to happen, you must do something – a plan put into action.

Don’t Be a Free-Floater
“A free-floater is a person who just let the circumstances carry him…”

Literally. It’s like being in the middle of an ocean on a boat with no sail. Yes, you move and go to some direction, but it doesn’t take you where you want to be.


Portrait of an SEO by Kpaul

Found a really entertaining article about SEO entitled Portrait of an SEO. It’s written by Kpaul in SEObook – which is one of the blogs I follow in terms of SEO knowledge.

I’m not familiar with Kpaul but he also did another piece called Portrait of a blogger. I haven’t had time to read it though. But he claims the article’s popularity was the one who catapulted him to guest post in SEObook. So I guess it’s pretty much something.

SEO Newbie pictureHe jokingly categorizes SEO’s into these categories:

  • The SEO Newbie
  • SEO Autoblogger
  • SEO Link Merchant
  • Phony SEO Guru
  • SEO Tail Chaser
  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO
  • Grey hat SEO
  • Blue hat SEO
  • Article Marketer
  • Viral SEO Ninja
  • SEO Grandmaster
  • Real SEO Guru

Go check it out! It’s worth a read. The article can be found here

The Newbie’s Guide to Starting an Online Circle


No man is an island- definitely not here in the internet.

If you’ve just set out your journey to online domination (well at least that’s the goal), the very first crucial step to survival is to find others who can help you push farther.

But wait, before you think this is another one of those nonsense tips around building online relationships, I’m promising to you right now that in here is where I’m laying out genuine and proven ways to amass your social circle. Of course legitimate means that is.

Have the Guts to Start the Conversation

Right now, if you’re feeling like a small, miniscule fish in a very, very big pond, well don’t worry- everyone starts right there. The rule of the game is simple- you need to have guts to get the attention of the biggies.

When I started blogging for example, aside from writing and tweaking on my own blog, I didn’t really know what to do. Sure I followed the A-Listers of that time, but for the first few months, I was just there, a newbie blogger lurking around behind counter page views. I didn’t leave any much of a traceable mark. Of course that’s a very big mistake.CONTINUE READING

2 Kinds of Search Mindsets you Must Understand

2 kinds of search mindsetsThere are different kinds of people all over the world. These people are searching in Google with an average of 5,000 searches per second and it’s not getting any less than that in the years to come. These people have 2 kinds of conversation running around their minds – the explicit and the implicit.


The Death of Sales Letter – A Review

Rummaging through my ‘blogging folder’, I found this interesting free report by Michel Fortin of the Success Doctor, Inc. The title of this report is quite controversial – about the death of sales letter. If you still haven’t read (or heard about it), then you’re surely missing out a lot.

The Death of Sales Letter has been released sometime around 2007. With the title itself, you can just imagine the kind of hullabaloo it caused in the industry especially to copywriters, internet marketers (who heavily relies on good copies) and even SEO practitioners that optimize sales letters and landing pages.

Who is Micheal Fortin?

As Michel puts it, he is “a copywriter”. But apparently, this kind of description needs to be attributed to the people he works for, namely; John Reese, Frank Kern, Kirt Christensen, Armand Morin, Shawn Casey and Stephen Pierce- simply the biggest names in the internet marketing industry. And if you don’t even know any of them, you’re living under a very, very big rock.