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5 Reasons why Linkbaiting is the way to go

Linkbait typesI’m sure as an advanced SEO practitioner, you’ve already heard of the term “LinkBait” one way or another. There are practically millions of ways to build links as an SEO practitioner. Linkbaiting is just one of them. My favorite one.

If you’ve been practicing SEO for quite some time, you’d know that linkbuilding is probably the hardest, pain in the ass work that you need to do. And you’re right. In fact, it is so much a pain in the ass that so many SEO practitioners are left confused as to what linkbuilding method is still effective.

If you ask me, the most effective method would be linkbaiting. Why?


The Weakness of Traditional Search Engine Optimization

It’s easy to spot the weakness of traditional SEO- it focused too much on trying to crack the system rather than work with it.

If you’re not familiar how Google, for example, gives split-second results to your every keyword inquiry, the method is actually more science than the infamous “I am feeling lucky” button.


Why Writing for search engines will get you nowhere

People always think that SEO is all about being a suck-up for search engines in order for them to rank you well in the search engine results page. Well it doesn’t work that way. At least not anymore.

Search engines are machines. They’re a set of codes created and piloted by search engineers. In the end, they only follow the logic and reasoning of human beings. And in the end, human beings only consider what is human to be a win.


Must-have attributes of SEO practitioners

As I’ve mentioned in my earlier entries in this blog, not all SEO practitioners and specialists are the same. There are different kinds of SEO talents around but there are some things that must be present in each and every SEO specialist. And you have to have these attributes to be exceptional in the highly competitive and unpredictable field of SEO.


You gotta have these attributes

Fast and independent learner

SEO is not a joke and we all know that the updates and changes that happen with Google and the internet is the only thing that’s constant in the online world. The changes are rapid and the changes are many. For one week you have a personal search feature and then you have Google caffeine on the next.

It is an unpredictable stage of competition – and if you’re not a fast nor an independent learner then you’re gonna get left behind. And getting left behind is almost equivalent to losing the game of SEO.

True, not all SEO’s are self-taught – but almost all have their own personal learnings and techniques. And so the most successful and competitive SEO specialists always makes sure that they are up-to-date with the latest changes in their target search engines, social networks, and other SEO tools that they can utilize their skills on.


SEO Talents and How to Identify Yours

The first SEO Hacker TEAM PICThere are different kinds of SEO’s out there with different kinds of methods and specializations. In my opinion, there is not one SEO practitioner who has the exact same methods they use with other SEO practitioners.


Well because we all have different talents and skills – and that’s what we use to grab links. Take me for example – if you still haven’t noticed, my forte is SEO copywriting and delivering quality and informative content through articles that I produce in this website. Now, not all people are good writers and some SEO practitioners out there are doing great in their practice of SEO with their own sets of talents.

So without further ado, here are the list of SEO Talents I’ve gathered so far: