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10 Down to 7: Google Search Results is Shrinking!

Shrinking Number of Search Results

Seeing rankings go from NOT IN TOP 100 to the first page of Google is what we live for as SEO specialists. Thank you rank tracking software!

But a few days go by and you noticed that your website’s organic traffic is still low and it got you thinking – “my website is ranking on the first page of Google but, why am I not gaining any clicks and visitors to my website?”

Only to find out that your website is not even on the first page!

WHAT?! (As we all know, no one checks the second page of search results) This is because some search queries on Google will result in showing only 9 or even worse, only 7 search results.

Wait, you didn’t know that?

Yes, this has been happening since April 2012 and you may not be aware of this up to today. Because in the past, it wouldn’t happen so often but now search results pages are using this as the staple. 7 – 9 results are far more common today than ever before.


4 Backlink Outreach Ideas You Can Pitch To Webmasters

4 Backlink Outreach Ideas You Can Pitch To Webmasters

What to Pitch In Backlink Outreach?

If you have NEVER gotten replies for the hundreds or thousands of emails you have sent to webmasters, this guide is for you. Here is how we build backlinks effectively.

If you’re trying to jumpstart your SEO and looking for ways to do it, link building is surely something that has crossed your mind. The thing about it, though, is it’s not as easy as you want it to be. 

Link building is an SEO strategy to get other websites to link to your page. And it’s one of the most popular strategies out there because it works. Getting quality backlinks from authoritative websites is a significant factor if you want to rank competitively it sends positive authority signals to Google.


Keyword Research for SEO 2023

keyword research for seo 2023

A 1,000% increase in organic traffic is the dream. It is something you certainly can achieve and this guide will help you nail that by going for the best keywords you can center your SEO campaign on. As one of the cornerstones of an effective SEO strategy, it is essential to implement the right approach in choosing your keywords. Here is every question you need to ask yourself when doing effective keyword research for SEO of 2023.


Beginner’s Guide to Optimizing Websites for Better Rankings

seo maintenance

You want to rank on the #1 spot in Google. I get it. Everyone wants that spot but how come you’ve never been able to get your keywords there consistently?

I wrote this guide for you to get some of your keywords there in 30 days or less.

Just like a car needs regular tune-ups to keep it running smoothly, your website needs periodic SEO maintenance to help it maintain a high ranking.

Here are some routine tasks that me and my team in SEO Hacker do for our client’s website upkeep.


SEO Copywriting 2023: 5 Common Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them

SEO copywriting mistakes

There are so many copies out there that are meant to rank well in the search results but then it flops. Ever had that experience with your team? Perhaps this article can tell you exactly where you failed.

As many consumers nowadays are searching on the web whenever they need something. SEO copywriting is very critical for you and your business, it helps you make sure that your website and content will be seen by the target market.