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What is Customer Relationship Management?

What is Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the system that a company sets up to manage prospect and customer interactions and analyze their data to improve business relationships.


Grow Your Social Media Presence in 12 Steps

Now more than ever, small and big businesses place a huge amount of effort into their social media presence.

Out of 17 social media platforms, 6 of them claim more than a billion active users per month. Facebook takes the top spot with its 2.8 billion users worldwide.


State of SEO 2022: A Guide to SEO in the Philippines

State of SEO 2022 cover photo

Going digital is inevitable. Businesses that used to be purely brick-and-mortar are now migrating online and payments are moving from purely cash to digital. This is expected as the pandemic has pushed customers to utilize online shopping more than ever due to health and safety concerns and convenience. To dominate this landscape, you need to understand the state of SEO 2022.


How to Setup Discovery Ads (And Create One, Too!)

Discovery Ads

If you’re a brand or business that has already improved your search and discovery but still looking to get a wider but better online audience reach and conversions, Google Discovery Ads got you covered.

Unlike Google Display Network, Discovery Ads targets high-intent audiences.

Because Discovery is AI-driven, this ad solves a problem or answers the user’s question automatically before it appears in the search bar, instead of depending on what the user searches for. 

Before we dive into how you can set up Discovery Ads, let’s discuss briefly what it is and why you should use it. 


Blog Writing 101: Everything You Need to Know

Blog Writing 101 Everything You Need to Know cover photo

Blog writing is a content marketing format that started as an online diary, and has since gained traction and found its way into business websites. It is one of the more accessible formats of content marketing, the strategic approach which aims to provide relevant and valuable information to one’s audiences and build a relationship with them.

According to OptinMonster, 77% of internet users read blogs. If you don’t know where to start and how, this comprehensive guide is for you.