Why WordPress Is The Best CMS For SEO

Graphics of WordPress, the Best CMS For SEO

There are a lot of factors that go into creating an SEO-friendly website. Integration of keywords into content, proper use of header tags, optimization of technical factors, and more. Even if you come up with a great strategy, the most important thing is this — the execution. This is where choosing the best CMS for SEO comes in. You want a content management system that allows you to easily customize multiple parts of your site.

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Search Console Insights Now Live for Webmasters and Content Creators

Search Console Insights

Google is finally releasing a new reporting/insights tool to help content creators and webmasters better understand how their audience interacts with the content they publish and give insights as to which kinds of content works best for them. The new Search Console Insights combines data from both Google Analytics and Google Search Console to provide webmasters and/or content creators the most valuable insights needed to improve their content’s performance. 

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Rank Ranger Review: Versatile Rank Monitoring Tool

rank ranger review

Monitoring keyword rankings is one of the basic processes an SEO should do daily. It might seem a straightforward and easy task to do but with the right tools, rank tracking can become so much more than just knowing where your website is in the SERPs. When I look for rank tracking tools, I always look for ones that provide the most accurate reports and more. 

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Google MUM: New Search Technology

Google MUM - New Search Technology

Google is releasing new tech that aims to improve their understanding of more complex queries that will enable them to provide more accurate and relevant results for these types of queries. MUM stands for Multitask Unified Model which is similar to the BERT model wherein they are built on the same Transformer architecture, but MUM is 1000x more powerful than its predecessor. So, what does this new tech bring to the search landscape and how will it affect SEO?

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SEO Audit Tips to Close More Deals

seo audit tips for better leads

In the SEO industry, it is common for businesses who are looking to acquire SEO services to request an audit of their website. I know from experience that SEO audits can make or break the deal. It shows potential clients an agency or a freelancer’s level of competency and expertise. It also allows potential clients to set expectations and KPIs.

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