Why Writing for search engines will get you nowhere

People always think that SEO is all about being a suck-up for search engines in order for them to rank you well in the search engine results page. Well it doesn’t work that way. At least not anymore.

Search engines are machines. They’re a set of codes created and piloted by search engineers. In the end, they only follow the logic and reasoning of human beings. And in the end, human beings only consider what is human to be a win.

What does that mean?

Meaning if you write your article in order for it to be seen as good by search engines, it won’t work for you. No – it’s gonna seem like a suck-up article to them. What’s more is that real human beings will think you’re a moron coz your article is stuffed with keywords and makes little sense.

Will you be searchable? Probably yes. But if your  content is useless, no one’s gonna link to it.

And links are vital to search engine rankings.

Links make up a very big chunk of the factors affecting search engine results rankings. So you’d want links. And how do you get the best links? By letting people link to you. And people will only link to you if you have something great and remarkable to say.

So what’s the point?

The point is, write your stuff for humans. Don’t think about keywords. Don’t think about outbound links. Don’t think about anything regarding SEO. Just write. Think about the people who’s gonna read it. In the end, it’s them who will matter.

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