How is Google’s new real-time search going to affect SEO?

Google has plans of making their search engine capable of tracking real-time information. Now you can see search results update in a moment’s notice – from twitter or facebook or myspace, etc. This is a phenomenal development for the search engine giant and is sure to affect SEO in the coming years.

So how is this move by Google going to affect SEO?

I’m not a Nostradamus but I can make educated guesses. And my guesses are:

SEO would probably try to shift more to social media.

If twitter and facebook updates are going to be read by the real-time search spiders then you might as well optimize your tweets and status! Social media sites are going to have better content and user control on their end, otherwise it might get too uncomfortable for users because things might get too spammy.

SEO analysts might not focus too much on Google’s algorithm anymore

Why create a lot of backlinks when you can appear on the first page through the real-time search results? Just use a tweet-later account and you can get people to see your content! You don’t have to worry about page rank anymore – it’s going to be a matter of keywords and a tweeting frequency basis.

Meta tags might be used by Google

When real-time search results appear on the first page, Google might now think of reading meta tags. They would probably use it on the real-time results as they show.

Social bookmarking sites will be more frequently used

When you want your site shown on the real-time search engine results, you’d want it to stay there. And what better way to keep on re-placing your site on the real-time results than placing it in different social bookmarking sites from time to time? (Aside from re-tweeting it, just in case twitter creates a tighter spam control because of Google’s new real-time feature)

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