Want to pick on my brain?

SEO Hacker is offering consultation services for its expertise!

We provide consultations for:

  • Site analysis and evaluation
  • SEO campaign plan
  • Internet marketing plan
  • Business to website relevance evaluation
  • On site optimization
  • Off site optimization
  • Search engine guidelines
  • The best pancakes and lot of other stuff…

Guidelines are as follows:

  • Prepare your questions before each and every consultation
  • Consultation services are charged as per hour
  • Consultation services are pre-paid (at least a day before)
  • Appointments should be made at least a week before target consultation date
  • SEO Hacker reserves the right to refuse in answering a question
  • Agreed-upon number of consultation hours are to be strictly followed

Our consultation rate is currently set at $1,000 per 8 hours. You can check our availability through our calendar.

Interested parties can e-mail us at sean (at) seo-hacker (dot) com

Sean Si
SEO Hacker Manger and Specialist

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