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Sean and Leo SiOkay first thing’s first. I’m now a dad 🙂

And for you to be in the team as this happens means a whole lot to me. I haven’t worked my emails in three days time and I’m simply SWAMPED. The thing is, I don’t have  a lot of time on my hands as baby Leo is waking up almost every 2 hours to breastfeed. My role is to check his diapers, change if necessary, burp him and put him back to sleep. It’s a role I’m totally delighted to do. I have a very cute and adorable baby boy.

So there goes the 100+ emails (and more in spam) that I’ve received and yet to reply to. I’ve also gotten brilliant ideas I think I should implement for team on-boarding and growth during my time in the hospital and at home (yes we’re now home after just 2 days in the hospital – labor included).

You all know I’m in a ‘paternity leave’ for a month – but we all understand that it is superficial as I cannot really take a leave for a whole month. I’ll be online checking emails, answering them, writing for our blogs, replying to clients, etc. The usual.

I’m hearing about the new interviews (and possibility of a hire) for the linkbuilding team. These are very exciting times as the SEO Hacker team will be shaken with the exit of key players and entry of new hires. It’s even more exciting as I’m planning a comeback for SEO services at least with training as I realize there is a huge gap in knowledge and expertise in some of the teams.

So here are the plans for the near future:

The Classroom (name not final)

I plan to make the porch some sort of a classroom. I’ll need to rework the lighting because it’s dark for a classroom setting but the tables and chairs are underway. The whiteboard is not getting its deserved attention and use. SEO School is on pause and I’m planning to maximize the possible video sessions with an open office plan. You can check it out here.

The open office will invite other specialists to teach in our office – they don’t need to be SEO specialists. They could be copywriters, social media managers, project managers, etc. I’ll be the main ‘teacher’ here for sure – at least in the first few months.

More Clients

Yes, we’re not going to stop. SEO Hacker is still growing and we’re still getting a lot of inquiries online and offline. We have a strong growing brand and we’re very widely known in the Philippine SEO scene. I want you to know that whenever we have new clients, we do consider your workload and your extra time for growth.

Rest assured the management team tries to hire as soon as possible so that you’ll have time to read and experiment on your own while making sure that you are able to produce quality work.

SEO Summit 2015

We need to keep this ball rolling. It’s a project we want to undertake yearly and we have to keep it moving. We’re planning on publishing the website for the next SEO Summit but I’ll need someone to help me get sponsors and reserve venues and other event suppliers. If someone is willing to step up on this, please send me an email or chat and let’s collaborate.

Internal drip-feed email

This is one of the plans I have regarding on-boarding. I won’t get into details as of now. The plan is to simply have a schedule on what to do, what to read/learn, where to subscribe, etc., as the day goes by for new hires – so that managers don’t have to take time off to do this.

My Expectations

Fellas, I expect you to come out more responsible and mature as we grow. I know that our open forums back and forth have been really good in ironing out differences, misunderstandings and miscommunications. However I have identified one root problem of all this: People in the team prefer not to talk directly to the person they have a problem with – especially me.

The open forum is not an excuse to keep things to yourself. Communication should be our strong point as an ‘open door’ company. I’m simply an email away – I keep on repeating that.

As such, I want you to know that I am expecting you to do this from now on. Any uncommunicated issues will be considered your own misgivings from hereon out.

Again I am finite, and as you can see, I have a lot in mind and I am moving in this vision. I cannot remember everything that we may have talked about. I do try – that much I can promise you.

If you think I will forget things, please course it through Sandy and ask her to keep reminding me until it has been accomplished. That’s a lot of help for me.

For the office, I expect you to keep it clean and neat. It is as much yours as it is mine. You are the ones using it, so I expect you to be the ones cleaning it. For the times I’ve visited I noticed that it is not kept clean and it needs sweeping, mopping, etc. I expect this to change the next time I drop by.

The electricity bill is of concern to me. I am assigning the air conditioner’s controllers to be Pam’s and Sandy’s jurisdiction and no one else’s. It has to be set at 24-26 degrees. No more, no less. It also has to be set on auto otherwise it loses its purpose as an inverter type air conditioning system. We have bled Meralco bills from 15,000 when we started up to 32,000 just a few months ago. That could’ve been revenue – instead, we had to pay it to Meralco. I expect this to significantly decrease for July and August because of the new policy about the remotes.

This is the shortlist of what’s to happen and what I expect from the team. Changes will happen and I’m simply giving you a heads-up and a boost about the short term vision of the company.

Exciting times team. Keep up the good work.

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