SEO Summit 2016 Presentations – Summary of Learning


My palms were sweaty as I felt the adrenaline build on my chest. Heart felt like it was roaring blood. SEO Summit is the annual event that I’m always nervous about. And you see that’s funny because it’s an event by SEO Hacker.

This year was our third year. And we decided to post all the Powerpoint decks right here at our blog.

I’ll try to put in a dash of what I personally learned per presentation too.

The Art to the Start of: Content Optimisation – Grant Merriel

The entire summit started with Grant Merriel’s presentation on content – the cornerstone of any good SEO campaign. There are some gems in his talk that deal with getting data from competitors, utilizing semantic phrases and so on.

We only have the Powerpoint here but the genius behind his presentation is how Grant delivered it and some of the examples he cited along the way.

Big Brand Link Building – Jason Acidre

Jason’s genius and creativity when it comes to linkbuilding never runs out. And that’s why he’s a world-renown expert when it comes to building links.

In his presentation, Jason builds on case studies that he’s done with some of his clients and shows us how to replicate that.

Creative SEO – Dan Petrovic

It’s no surprise that Dan had the most good reviews from the attendees. His talk about creative SEO was well… creative. In the most fantastic way.

He revealed case studies and experiments that he personally did to get links from the craziest places. He even told us about how he was able to become a Google scholar.

Competitive On Site Optimization – Bernard San Juan

One of the most no-holds-barred presentations was Bernard’s take on on site optimization. He bridged the gap between SEO then and SEO now.

The Powerpoint deck may not give his real-life presentation justice. Good thing we have it on video. However, it’s still being edited as I write this so it’s going to have to wait.

How to get Content Perfectly Optimized for Users and SEO – Wojtek Mazur

Wojtek’s presentation was a treat for people who are starting out with SEO. It’s very foundational in terms of approach so a lot of beginners were able to appreciate his talk at the summit.

How to Maximize Conversions through SEO & CRO – Sean Si

My presentation was about the intersection of SEO and CRO. Both don’t play too well if you don’t know them on a deep level. People who are not advanced in SEO might damage CRO and usability when trying both at the same time and vice versa.

I basically talked about how to use SEO and CRO in a way that they play as a team – maximizing your conversions in your site by a sweet margin.

SEO Summit 2016

SEO Summit 2016 Speaker Q and A

As the adrenaline died down and the people gathered for photos, I realized SEO Summit 2016 was over too soon. It was a good 9 hours of good food, active networking and awesome case studies and lessons on SEO.

Based from the audience’s feedback, this was the best SEO Summit yet. I’ll try to augment this post when we have compiled the data soon.

Hope you enjoy the presentation decks as much as I did.

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