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Kinds of Keywords: Market Defining Keywords

Keyword ResearchWithout the right keywords, your SEO Marketing Campaign will go the wrong way. This guide to the kinds of keywords you can optimize is aimed to help you determine which keywords you need to include in your SEO marketing campaign to set your SEO plans in the right direction. For the first of this per-lesson tutorial, I’d be tackling Market Defining Keywords.


Keyword Research and Optimization Guide: Introduction

Keyword ResearchThe cornerstone of your entire SEO campaign would be your keywords. Without the right keywords, you’re going on the wrong direction. Without the right keywords, everything you’re doing is a waste. Your keywords will be what you’re going to build on.


Joint Venture 101: Finding Your Partners

joint-ventureNow that we’ve established the basic reasons who you should engage in joint venture (JV) partnerships (see part I of this series), let’s now move on to the actual how-to guide- on to finding joint venture partners.