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Capturing Your Audience: Making Your Podcast Grow With SEO


The internet has grown into the world’s largest media provider, with millions of people accessing a wide variety of it every single day. These forms of media include videos, music, images, and even podcasts. For the latter, podcasts are some of the most popular forms of media, with a wide audience listening to discussions about various topics such as sports, cinema, gaming, technology, and even SEO.

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Old Is Not Always Gold: Outdated SEO Strategies You Should No Longer Use


As we are nearing the end of 2017, the SEO industry has seen some new trends and practices over the past few months. These new trends and updates have helped change how link building and SEO strategies are being developed. These new SEO trends and practices have made SEO improve in quality, making sure that internet users are able to access the websites and content that they are searching for.

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