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Event Schema Markup and Rich Results Guide

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Does your business or organization host events? Do you use your website to promote it? Do you want more attendees? If your answer to these questions is yes, the Event Schema Markup could help you out with that.

Structured data may not be a direct ranking factor but it does help search engines better understand the context of websites. It is especially helpful in Google. By properly marking up your Events pages with Event Schema, you’re helping Google understand your pages better and in return get more traffic through Rich Results.


Guide on Applying How-To Schema on your Blog Posts

In the age that we are living in, most of the daily problems we encounter are not solved by asking an expert or contacting a friend. What do we do? We Google it.

Your computer showed an unknown error? Need to change your WiFi password? Want to know the best way to take care of your new succulents?

You go to Google, you start with ‘How to’ and you fill in the blanks. That’s right. If you have a problem, you ask Google How-To.


Best WordPress Schema Plugins

Applying schema markups for your website can take a lot of time and effort because of the variety of markups you have to create. Who has the time to write Product schema code manually for more than a hundred products or create How-to schema per article they publish?

While it may look like a hassle, applying schema markups is well worth your time and there are tools that could help make your life easier.


How to Create Structured Data Markup for Rich Snippets

Structured data has become to be one of the biggest things for search. Since Schema.org was launched in 2011 by the search giants Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex as an initiative to create a common set of schemas for the web, there have been tons of improvements in the database.

Through time, the number of websites using structured data is small even though the advantages of it are clear. Google and other search engines have made ways to better track data and advocate the use of it.

Specifically, Google made better use of structured data through Rich Snippets to optimize the appearance of search results.


Why You Should Use JSON-LD to Optimize Your Local SEO

Why You Should Use JSON-LD to Optimize Your Local SEO

Schema has become an integral part of optimizing your website for search, as it helps search engines have a better understanding of your website, allowing it to become more accessible for the users. When it comes to informative aspects of your website, adding schema markup provides more context for search engines for information such as location, contacts, and other crucial information that you want to provide to the user.


Simplicity is Key: WordLift Tool Review

Wordlift Tool Review

Practicing SEO is one of the most engaging “jobs” in the world because it’s one of the few crafts that can be done in more than one way. While a majority of the SEO methodology are defined to be either White Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO, the fact remains that “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”, so to say. Personally, I’m partial to White Hat SEO myself and to achieve my goals with my strategies, I have to rely on the best tools to get the job done.


Three Powerful Strategies to Hack On-Page SEO [Case Study]

Three Powerful Strategies to Hack On-Page SEO

As part of the WordLift team and as a blogger, I run several experiments each week to see what kind of strategies can help hack on-page SEO. These experiments provided more in-depth information regarding on-page SEO, along with the discovery of how to properly do it to help my SEO campaign.


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Google Search Console Tutorial: Search Appearance

Ever since the rebranding of Google Webmaster Tools in 2015, the world was introduced to Google Search Console. After its introduction, the SEO industry has used it in a variety of ways. From backlink checks to the implementation of 301 redirects, Google Search Console could definitely help your campaign. However, not a lot of people can understand each and every function of Google Search Console.


Why Schema is the Future of On-Site SEO


Believe it or not, this statement is accurate. Schema has been the project of major search engines since 2011. Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex have thought it over – and they’re using Schema markup even today. Let’s go through its benefits – SEO and otherwise – and how you can apply it for your website, in this post.